Saturday, November 14, 2009

♥ E.L.F. - Jewel Tone Trio ♥

 SKITTLES!  I wanted to do a skittles of these for a quick reference. These E.L.F. polish's are very pigmented, smell okay and dry quite fast alone ( 3 coats ) and with a top coat. These were $3.97 at Giant Tiger in Canada, ( a Canadian dept. store )Apparently E.L.F. is also available at Zellers ( another Canadian dept. store ) I suppose they are also on the website... I'll have to check it out.

I have done full Mani's with individual posts of Dark Navy HERE and Royal Purple HERE.
I am not a fan of frosts, so I don't think I will be modeling the 'Pearl color anytime soon, but - this may come in handy for some X-Mas time nail art ♥


THUMB - Pearl = 3 coats & T.C.
INDEX - Dark Navy = 2 coats & T.C.
MIDDLE - Royal Purple = 3 coats & T.C.
RING - N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim = 2 coats & T.C.
PINKY - Dark Navy = 2 coats & T.C.

I took these photos as the sun was setting- so my skin tone/color is a little cartoon-ish... I call it 'Simpson-esque". I was excited to have time for a a late Friday Night evening 'swatch fest', but I broke my lamp I take indoor photos with..... I am off the the store for a replacement!

~ Shade ~

~ Shade with Flash ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade ~

 ~ Sunshine ~



awesomevegan said...

I have Dark Navy already. Royal Purple looks awesome. I wonder if that is in one of the gift sets they have from Target. :)

Paige said...