Thursday, June 30, 2011

a pretty teal mani & some new blogs

This was 2 coats of Billie cosmetics Aqua, a sponging if wet n Wild Teal of Fortune, and a coat of an un-named Icing teal glitter. I added 1 coat of Top Coat, which was shocking because usually when I have worn these Icing nail polish glitters, they are un-believably textured and grainy and I need 2 coats of Top coat..... weird. I could have been that I applied the TC immediately after sponging on the Wn'W polish

I have lagged behind with my posting of manicures and nail art this month, I also didn't do as many 'new blogs' posts..... I have tried to work through my un-trieds and many of them are boring colours or polish's that I have swatched and posted before..... not really worth a blog post. I am busy in the evenings doing crafty things and making jewelery.

I have almost 800 blogs on my blog roll! WOW!!!! even though some of them are in-active, there is still alot of pretty photos to look at , and hundreds of ideas to look through on a rainy day

 some new nail blogs I added and tried to follow..... seriously i don't know whats up with Google. i have had to redo my profile and information twice and it isn't sticking.... Hopefully everything will go back to normal..... so they can change everything again, lol.

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 who gave us this magical awe-inspiring photo on MUA that i whined about for 3 hours last month

this is in toronto somewhere - i can see a bottle of Sally hansen nail prisms diamond ( the awesome layering holographic poloish) sitting on the top of the closest bin to the left. seriously - this is my franken-polish heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and a few more photos of this mani. I cracked my index nail in half, shoddily glued it back on a camouflaged it with a sponging and glitter! I had crafty plans for the evening and didn't want to stop to fix 1 nail.....

Billie Cosmetic's Aqua, WnW Teal of Fortune, Icing Teal Glitter

with sponging, i wanted both colours to be visible. I call this Cadbury mini-eggs sponge technique

with glitter before TC - check out how grainy and rough this is!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Avon Bare Necessity with glitter

This is 3 thin coats of Avon Bare Necessity, with an addition of a holographic multi-sized glitter franken. I sprinkled on some purple holographic glitter as well.  after sprinkling on a small amount of glitter I gently pressed down on the surface of my nail to get all the glitter laying flat. 

I wanted my nails to look like they had a casual addition of glitter. I like this type of look as much of the original base polish is visible and it is a nice contrast between the creme polish and glitter. For the glitter franken, this is Claire's Hollywood, a multi-sized silver glitter, I added Claire's Magic to it, so it has a slight purple base instead of clear.

Whenever I add a sprinkling of glitter to a manicure - it is always messy. No matter how hard I try to keep the glitter in a single area it usually ends up all over the place - but the results are pretty 99% of the time.

stuff i used; Avon Bare Necessity Claire's Hollywood Franken, holographic dark purple glitter

swooped on glitter, then filled in between

sprinkled on the dark purple holographic glitter

every time I do this { sprinkling glitter onto wet polish } I tell myself ' do it over the sink' = but i rarely do. that is the best way to do this because all the wayward glitter can be washed down the drain.

 in this photo there is a few pieces of glitter sticking up, i gently press them into the wet polish with my finger-tips..... generally i bank on needed 2 or more coats of top coat to get a high shine bump free surface when i use a dense glitter like Claire's Hollywood.


.... and a few more photos

Saturday, June 25, 2011

lather, rinse, repeat - a henna tattoo looking mani

above; index ~ below; middle nail

I thought I did this look at least 6 months ago - but I did this just last month...... I called it 'peas in a pod' manicure, but it does look more like a henna tattoo pattern. I wanted to try again; using the stripe polish and different size dots and it turned out lovely.

There really isn't much to add to this, so if you need more info, please read the other post HERE. I started off with a base of Avon Bare Necessity, and sponged on Billie Cosmetics Turquois ( lol -it is a light pink with grey tones) I used a black stripe polish, then using a dotting tool I added some shimmery medium purple dots in varying sizes.

I applied top coat on a few nails for a refernce to how TC smoothes out lumps and bumps and helps blend together a sponged look in a photo below. It is amazing how a top coat can smoothe out a lumpy textured polish, doesnt always work on gritty glitters, though.

I used matte top coat for this. I find that whenever I do fancy nail art, and use a shiny top coat I can never get a good photo of the design, so from now on I think I will try to take a photo of my designs with matte top coat.....

this is immediately after i applied the matte TC when it was still wet - so its shiny

stuff I used;
Avon Bare Necessity, Billie Turquois, Black stripe polish, Billie Purple, Claire's Matte TC

my thumb, middle and pinky nails have top coat, the rest are just the sponged on polish

so I cheated! I brushed on the two colours first, then sponged.....

I drew my flower petals or leaves or whatever these are supposed to be

Then added these shimmery purple dots

Avon Bare Necessity

the black stripe polish from The Bargain Shop Canada

... and one more photo!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a purple diagional mani

I will be adding silver glitter stripe polish across the line, but before my camera battery totally dies I snapped these photos. This is 3 thin coats of Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, I applied thin graphic art tape diagonally across my nails, and then added 2 coats of Billie Cosmetic's Purple, which is a deep blurple shimmer polish.

When I removed the the tape and applied Top Coat, I found that thin graphic art tape to be too thin for me to use as a polish guide and so I got polish on the other side of the tape. I had to go over the polish mistakes with the Sally Hansen polish; you can still see some of them - oops!



2 coats of Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink shimmery mani with nail stickers from the dollar store

2 thin coats of Icing no-name bright pink shimmer form an older 5 set of polish's with beautiful nail stickers from a dollar store in my town. I found these stickers at Looney Twoons( lol) dollar store in my town, there are very dainty and pretty. I applied them to my ring nails, added a single holographic hex glitter to the center of the flower and added a coat of Nailene top Coat.

lol-  my polish from my right hand is all over this package. It was hard to open! I thought I could be stealthy with wet nails and get the stickers out. So after I post this I will be redoing most of the nails on my right hand.

" Your hands will be more attractive "

.... and a few more photos

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

simple teal funky french

I stopped at 2 coats, when I should have done 3. This is a bright happy colour, I will go through my collection and find something comparable. I used a teal stripe polish to make the curve and went over it twice with the teal stripe polish. I added top coat and then traced the line where the two polish's meet with the silver LA Colors stripe polish.

This Billie polish is a matte, and needs 3 coats. I didn't want to add top coat over the glitter as I am aiming for easy removal when I take this off tomorrow.

2 coats of Billie Cosmetic's Aqua - I should have done 3! No TC

stuff i used; Billie Aqua, teal stripe polish, and glitter stripe polish

under cloudy skies

indoor florescent

Monday, June 20, 2011

Billie Cosmetics Turquois w/ stripes polish

I started with 3 coats of Billie Turquois, a lovely lilac shade that is unfortunately named. I used hot pink and flourescent purple stripe polish on the sides and layered a shimmery polish on top. None of my photos have TC - my camera battery was dying.....

I keep trying to add the blogger 'reaction' gadget bt it isnt working. has anyone else had problems with this?N I like that reaction thing - alot of the time I don't have time to comment and I like that I am able to give feedback on people blogs by clicking those things..... I'll have to hunt around a little more and acquire more info.

3 coats of Billie Turquois no TC

stuff I used

and a gif made @ loogix

before the shimmery Sally Hansen polish

with Sally Hansen Pina Colada Pop