Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WTF ( What the Finger-nail-polish!!!!!!) Sally Hansen nail prisms " Ruby Diamond"

I'm not supposed to buy any more polish for a while but..................Nail Prisms!!!!!!

So one of the main purposes to having a blog, (and a blog roll, and getting updates on everyone else's posts.....) was to find ideas on how to be creative with all the polishes I already own, and have a clearer idea of what to purchase, by viewing everyone's swatches, ( instead of buying colors/brands that don't look good/work for me ) However, I seem to be collecting more polish since I started bogging.......... but almost all of the recent polishes I have bought have been relatively inexpensive. (.99 cents to $6.00 )

Toady while browsing through the mall I stopped in the dollar store and found.... NAIL PRISMS. I am sooooooo looking forward to "frankening" with these!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous of the other bloggers who have made some very beautiful Holographic frankens lately. I can't wait to get started = I am thinking of making a a deep purple and possible a lighter milk-ey purple.

Whats really bizarre, is that I am " rationing " the holo's I own at the moment, because I am trying to not purchase so many polishes, (not trying very hard, apparently) and I decided to cover up the scratches and dings of my current manicure with this very same color, " Ruby Diamond ". I almost went for a generic pink glitter today instead, but I thought I was being silly about the "rationing" thing.... that if i use it up I will find a good dupe for it, etc.

I am shocked that I found two bottles of the same beautiful color I love!!!!.... it's hard to believe that these bottles are almost 10 years old! I find them to be a very easy polish to work with, they dry fast, good self- leveling, I have not been dis-appointed with Sally Hansen in general. Even though I am short on space I'll fid the room to add two more to my collection, plus they were $1.50 each! and they were the last two prisms available.

The super rad glitter on my ring finger, was also a bargain Sally Hansen polish. It is a fine-silver glitter, it's almost too glittery (gasp.... tooooooo glittery? ) I hope to franken with that too!

There is something about finding something on sale, that makes it more of a "prize" or "bonus". I almost bought the O.P.I. " DS Exclusive" that looks like this, and the copper colored "DS Design" yesterday at the mall ( they were on on clearance ). But I am glad I did'nt!!

"Ganache" & Sally Hansen nail prisms " Ruby Diamond"

My nails took some abuse after i took the photo's that I have posted, so when that happens, Glitter-holo's to the rescue... I slapped on a coat of Sally Hansen nail prisms in "Ruby Diamond" to cover up all the ding's and scratches. Viola!!!!!

I left the "Ganache" color on my ring finger, I have seen that in other blogs and think it's cool.