Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a girly Chrome spong'in

The base is Sally Hansen Chrome polish in Moonstone, I then sponged on Naturistic's Super Chrome in Ruby Reflection and Deep Violet. Ruby Reflection is a bright, bright BRIGHT fuschia, deep Violet is meduim purple chrome. 

I cut or tear off small pieces from one of those big car wash sponges, it creates more of a graffitti look, rather then a well blended mani. I tried not to let the 3 colours overlap each other too much. I immediatly  added a coat of Nailene TC the polish practically dried on the sponge before it made it to my nails.

Naturistic's Super Chrome polish's are exactly the same as Sally Hansen Chrome polish's, many of the colours from each line are identical. They dry very fast so they need to be applied fast. Both of these lines are discontiuned, but apparently the chrome pen/stick polish from Sally Hansen is of compareable formulaand with a nice colour range.

stuff i used; Sally Hansen MoonStone Chrome, Naturistics Deep Violet & Ruby Reflection

in this photo you can see the pattern that the sponge makes......


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NEW BLOGS & a predictable sponge

 above- 2 coats of old skool Sally Hansen Chrome nail polish in Moonstone Chrome, followed by Wet n Wild Frosted Fuschia sponged on. I added Clear and stuck some dollar store nail gems in the wet polish. the gems did not last long - I lost all the gems on my thumbs before bedtime!

I tried to copy some fabulous nail art that I have seen recently but it sucked so bad that even I would not show it as a 'learn from  my fail' - so anytime something like that happens I do a quick easy sponge. They always look  good to me!

 Here are a few new blogs which I have added to my blog roll - still not sure why I cant 'follow' some people.

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... and a few more photos.....


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Plug yourself sunday and a fun project that I didnt really finish up

Please plug your nail blog in the comments so I can have a 'New Nail Blog' post tomorrow as well as add your nail  blog to my blogroll - Thanks!!!!!

In December of 2009 - I started a little challenge for myself. I tried to come up with as many easy-to-do looks as possible using everyday around the house stuff. I used french tip guides, sponges, mailing labels and toothe picks for the dragging marbles.... all were very easy to do.

For the polish's, I used Billie Cosmetics French White, and Wet n Wild Sapphire Blue. I used clear polish for some of the drag marble looks and Nailene Top Coat for the top coat. All the links for the origional posts are below & accompany the photos.

I have learned a few new things and would like to add a few more posts using these two polishs..... so hopefully I'll have a Deez Nailz Nail Polish Challenge #5 to post in the near future.

Nail Polish Challenge # 1
Nail Polish Challenge # 2
Nail Polish Challenge # 3
Nail Polish Challenge # 4

first up is drag marbling..... applying two different colours of polish and using a dotting tool, a toothe pick or any other small object to drag and swirl the polish's together.


Below; using curved and straight french tip guides- I used Nailene French tip guides placed on a white base in different patterns......

how i placed the nail guides.......

Here Is the link to the origional post.

The origional post for the looks below is HERE - below is a mix of using pinking shears ( or patterned scissors) sponging, and cutting out an extended 'S' shape from mailing labels for my thumb.

Below is some more drag marbling. The full post for below is HERE - I love my ring nail and pinky nail......this is the 'day to night' look that I copied form MayParis's you tube. My middle nail is a full on drag marble. Its neat; but I would rather sponge on a mix of polish for effect then wrestle with swirling polish that is rapidly drying.

the origional post is HERE, this is some more swirling and dots...... thumb had some serious bubbles.... too much polish


Thursday, August 25, 2011

I -tried- to copy you! ......

This is supposed to be one of those cool splatter manicures..... I have tried this twice and cant seem to get it right.  The base is 3 thin coats of Wet n Wild White, with Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost and Wet n Wild Frosted Fuschia. Maybe the polish I choose dries to fast or is not viscous or runny enough to get the splattered look...... HERE is a great tutororial over at The Polishaholic.

So = this is more of a 'blobby' manicure hahahahaaaa.  ~ I tried. Its still cool but not what I was going for.

3 thin coats of WnW White over Nailene artificial nails.....

Below is an Explosion mani copy from Nailside, i stuck with only 1 colour as I know trying to make a 2 coloured explosion mani with crisp lines would be difficult. The day I tried this it was rediculously humid out as well. Next time I try this, I hope its as good as hers and I will use a corrosponding glitter for the next Explosion Mani like THIS.

I started with a base of Billie Royal, I applied thin triangles of clear tape like in the tutorial then used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Chrome in Moonstone. I added a thin coat of TC only to the feature nail becuase I ended up applying a coat of Pure Ice Rio over this and the rest of my nails (   now that i am looking at the photos - I think tracing the outline with glitter stripe polish would have been nicer..........)


Friday, August 19, 2011

NEW BLOGS & LA Girls Metal Metallic Olive

 LA Girls Metallic Olive 1 coat layered over 2 coats of Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow. Metallic Olive is surprisingly sheer, so if I did not layer it - it would need 4 to 5 coats to get to the bottle shade and I would probably still have a few bare spots. My pinky nail is 3 thin coats and there is some noticeable bare areas.

I bought this at an awesome dollar store in Portage La Prairie Manitoba where they had full displays of 7 or more collections from LA Colors, plus the nail Art polish. I haven't been back since but wish I took photos of the giant table filled with polish...... it was heavenly.

 Where have I been?

My computer is making me crazy - there is something very odd happening where some program or script is not working, any web page I open or any program I use on this computer crazily scrolls on it's own - and the 'fn-F9' key trick only lasts for a few minutes..... I have all but taken it down to back to the manufactures setting ( saving all my important stuff ie; nail inspiration photos ) and really don't want to take it somewhere to get fixed. I need that $$$ for bargain nail polish!!!!

 I am avoiding being on here; but am actually doing crafts and making stuff. I am soooooooo far behind in catching up with blogs, MUA and watching Nail video's on You Tube that I doubt that I will ever get caught up.

Blogger also appears to be wacky as well, and I have uploaded photos only to have them appear fuzzy and pixil-ated. Is anyone else having trouble following people, the last time that happened thing's returned to normal after a day or so - but I have not been able to follow people for almost 6 days!

grrrrrrrr, I am thankful to have a computer, the Internet and all that jazz; but when stuff like this happens i avoid it all together.

end rant.

Here a few new blogs I have come across, or that people have sent in. Sorry it took so long!


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.... and a few more photos

2 coats of Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow - with is a swampy green creme. My pinky nail is 3 coats of LA Girls Metal Metallic Olive......  I think I would need 4 or even 5 thin coats to get opacity without any bare spots with Metallic Olive.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zebra/Cheetah combo copy & Plug Yourself Sunday

 I copied this nail art from Red Hair and Black Polish ( her's is prettier ) I am trying to use orange nail polish at least once a month - but it hard to be enthusiastic about it.... Orange and baby/ pastel pinks are two polish colours I very rarely reach for....

I started with a base of an orange sherbert franken, then used a striping brush to make the zebra stripes with Wet n Wild Sunny Side up leaving a triangular area where I sponged Nicole Fresh Squeezed, then used a small brush to make the cheetah spots with Mavala Nice in the triangular area......

I wanted to draw a black rose in the triangular area but played it safe and chose cheetah stripes instead. I have tried the zebra/cheetah combo before and it did not work out as well as this.

As always please leave your nail blog link in the comments and I will add you to my blogroll


stuff i used, franken, WnW Sunny Side Up, Nicole Fresh Squeezed, Mavala Nice


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Pearly Pinkk & fake crackle/shatter nails

Sally Hansen Nial Prisms Pearly Pink layered over 3 thin coats of Wet n Wild Frosted Fuschia

  I found this older SH polish for $1.50, a few months ago and never got around to wearing it. Someone else in my town scooped up most of the older Sally Hansen Nail Prisms that were delivered, so I only grabbed this and another one that I already had. This is the Canadian exclusive (lol) called Pearly Pink. It is a sheer pink with heavy teal and blue flash.  Here is Lextard's photo,   I am pretty sure its the same polish.

below is Wet n Wild Frosted Fuchsia - which is not a frost at all! It is a very bright shimmery polish that took 3 thin coats to get to opacity. This is another polish that I picked up a few times and put doen at least 4 times over the years.

Wet n Wild Frosted Fuchsia - 2 coats.

.....and finally for shatter-day ( lolololollooolllll!!!!!!! ) - my fake shatter crackle/nails. I am not loving the shatter look, it is cool and i appreciate it on other peoples nails but I don't really like it. I am surprised that it is so popular - every display in department stores in my town are sold out, with the exception of a few bottles of gold from Sally Hansen and Nicole by OPI ~ I guess gold shatter isn't popular.

So here is my 'fake' crackle polish. I started with a base of a greyed out lavender franken, then painted on black jagged shattered pieces, and topped it off with a coat of Pure Ice Rio. This is as close to crackle nail polish as I will get.

black water-based acrylic paint and a little brush................

I did this immediately before taking my polish off, so I didn't bother adding top coat.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purple holo glitter sprinkle & NEW BLOGS & my 700th post

wow - my 700th post!

Here are a few new blogs I have come across, and added to my blogroll. I am trying to do a 'plug yourself' post as often as I can, but have been a busy gal as well as having some major computer issues, so please plug your nail blog in the comments, I will list your nail blog in a post and add you to my blog roll.

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hopefully, I got the proper name of everyone's blog in this list......

A glitter sprinkle mani is when you apply polish and sprinkle loose glitter onto the wet polish. Then add a coat or two or top coat; I usually add a coat of clear first; then a coat of real top coat. Glitter sprinkle mani's are messy - so I do this over the sink and wash away any glitter that did not adhere to my wet nails.

Most of the time, the glitter sucks up multiple coats of TC and it never has that smoothe shiny finish - but the holographic effect usually makes up for a lack of a high shine. One of the best top oats I have tried for thick glitter effects such as this has been China Glaze Fast Forward, it smells terrible but it does dry fast and it does level out an un-even surface such as this.

This glitter sprinkle mani is over Wet n Wild Eggplant frost except my thumbs. I applied a very thick coat of Nailene Top Coat, lightly sprinkled on the purple holographic glitter and waited 5 minutes then gently pressed down on  the glitter to have all the glitter pieces laying flat, then added another coat of TC, and another coat when that was dry.





Wednesday, August 10, 2011

subtle cosmos glitter and Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost

My placement of nail gems and holo hex glitter pieces is very outer-space like, so I'll call this a cosmos mani.... I started with the same greyed out lilac base of artificial nails, then sponged on Sally Hansen Chrome polish is moonbeam, then China Glaze Grape Juice, then applied the larger purple/pink nail gem that I peeled off from my dollar store stickers post ( HERE ). I applied a coat of Claire's Hollywood and set larger holographic hex glitter into it. 

stuff i used, Claire's Hollywood, Sally Hansen Moon Beam Chrome and ChG Grape Juice

Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost - 3 coats

OMG!!!! This is a beautiful polish!!! 1 dollar CAD? Strangely I did not already own this and picked it up during the last week of Walmart special sale price. It seems the last for 3 July's,  Wet n Wild polish's have been $1. and they actually restocked them 4 or 5 times..... I didnt go crazy but I did pick up some for frankens. Even at regular price Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish is well worth having. ( they are usually $1.57 to $2.00-ish CAD)

This is deep purple shimmer with somewhat subtle blue flash. In bright lighting and in the sun the blue flash is very evident.

I used 3 coats here, and have already incorporated it into some of my previous nail art.  These Wild Shine polish's from Wet n Wild have been very satisfactory - even though it says 'frost' it is not a frosty streaky polish at all!

This is another must have, I am looking forward to whipping up frankens with this one.

indoors pretty