Sunday, November 8, 2009

♥ Kreative Blogger Award ♥

I have been tagged by several people and am just getting around to posting this now! I am honored and hope that I encourage other people to try out some of the creative things I have done. I have been nominated by,

I think that when these little chain-mails go around, just do it! Before anyone nominated me I was already cooking up my list of 7 things.... and just found the time to sit here and type, type, type.

 Firstly I must thank everyone who posts anything beauty and nail polish related on their Blogs/Word-press's = I looooove reading about people's opinions and experiences regarding 'naily' related stuff as well as drooling over photo's of nail polish and cosmetic's and also thank those who stops by my blog to browse around, too!

So; 7 things?.......hmmmmmmmm =I tried to keep my answers nail polish themed

◘ I remember being a little girl and begging my mom to buy me this extremely vampy purple nail polish = that had a loop on the top of the white cap... I suppose it was for a string? Maybe to wear around your neck? Does anyone else remember those? It may have been a Canadian thing, I think it was at Kresgeys or some other home/family discount store.

◘ I remember my aunt 'borrowing' my sister and I a bottle of yellow nail polish, we were fighting over it and it smashed to the ground..... there was yellow nail polish everywhere..... probably why I am not into yellow polish. It was totally her fault.

◘ I found nail polish blogs after Google-ing Sally Hansen light Green..... I was looking for my all time lemming, a polish I had years ago that was a beautiful creme sea-foam color. I tried to preserve it by adding other colors and clear polish, & used the whole bottle of that  I am always hopeing I will spot it somewhere in a collection that someone posts on MUA or blogs. I know that somewhere out there this polish is in someones collection.... I am still hunting that friggen polish, I need to see it.

◘ The first blog I found, was Brooke's, then The Nail File, then Scrangie..... It took me a few weeks to start my own. Doing this blog is tonnes of fun. It is inspiring to see other peoples creations and learn and apply new techniques.

◘ My right thumb nail is 1 size bigger than the left. For the longest time, pre-painted / pre-decorated false nails were never wide enough for my thumbs... and most of my nails except my pinky. thankfully things have changed.

◘ The most expensive polish I have ever owned was a Lancome Polish, 'Fantome'. I still have not seen that one swatched, it was from a collection approx. 10 to 12 years ago. It was a light lavender frost and I used the whole bottle of that one, too.

I will likely wear false acrylic nails forever, I love them and enjoy applying them, that is my take-care-of-me thing. Every Wednesday ( back in the day) when the older B.H. 90210  was on, I would do my nails during the show.. But by Friday night it was time to remove them for my weekend job. Because I am a crafty chick and often very clumsy when sewing and doing crafts and such, I usually remove my falsies to do so. Last summer ( 08 ) I used wraps and my reals nails got pretty long, So after new years I may try to grow them out just for fun.

 ◘ Posting my Naked nails was hard, I am struggling with removing that post; I had positive response to it, so that is heavily swaying me.


Doing my nails, photographing, editing & posting sometimes takes me a long time. Those bloggers out there doing whole collections =  Wow! hats of to you. I always am curious of the time per week these people put into their craft. I truly hope that they are rewarded, not just with all the lovely comments and praise from readers = but with free goodies that they model for us. Before finding other peoples blogs I never even heard of brands like Sinful Colors, Diamond & Color Club. This swatching & blogging is very important for now and in the future.....

I was surprised to hear about the "all bloggers must disclose if you get free stuff or get paid to post stuff" issues. After reading the million page documents and other peoples responses to this, I was even more perplexed and I still do not have a position on this. Essentially, the moment you realize there is a world around you, you are constantly fed advertisements of stuff you need to buy. I have written in other posts how I HATE beauty & health magazines, I don't have cable T.V. purposely, and despise the advertisement world's concept of advertising that " your body, life, face, relationship(s) is so shitty you need to buy this stuff ", this -literally- makes my heart skip a beat and fills me with rage. Why? Because it totally friggen works! Before I totally go off and start ranting, this ties into blogs because I learn about products and techniques from an actual HUMAN and not some douche-bag trying to make me feel awful in order to buy an object or service to correct what I am lacking. So to all those girls/dudes out there who have put the effort and time into blogging, you-tube tut's, photographs and making videos = especially make-up and nail polish stuff so ~


.....for filling up my leisure time with fun, informative and helpful stuff.

And with that said, I was overjoyed when Nailene/Revlon wrote to me to model some of their products. I have found that they carry the largest size of nail for my thumb nails, and DO NOT go 'in' towards the tips..... meaning they are wider at the base, then thin out at the tips...I hate it when they make fake nails like this~  why do they do this?? You can always file down a too wide or too long false nail... but if it is too thin or too short.. then what? All false nails taper, but some other brands taper to the extreme..... personally I like the more squared nail look. As well as value for the $$$, while other brands only have 100 false acrylic nails per box at $10.99 CAD, Nailene Nails are $8.99 CAD for 200.... I want to question that at the store.... but i'll keep it to myslef and just enjoy a bargain!♥

I have received emails to put this n' that on my blog for $$$ or free goodies, and don't, I also do not have that Google ad's thing because this blog is not about buying stuff.... I will only share what I love, things that work for me, and experiences that are positive. ( although I have bought alot of nail polish recently, but just things that are real bargains). I have used alot of different brands of readily available false nails... meaning you can buy them at a department store or drug store/pharmacy, and so far I have only 1 complaint about Fing'rs falsies which were the mettalic's blue and dusty rose with the crown ( & some other pattern ) with cracking down the middle, like vertically.. I have been extremely fortunate in finding bargains, and when I do I stock up! When another chain store in a town I had previously lived in had the old fashioned green packages of Nailene's on sale, I went around to each store and bought as much as I could. - they were forty per package, and were just in a little zip-bag, I cannot find a photo of them, just a photo of the kit you used to be able to buy with the 40 nails, glue & nail  file.  I have done a post of all my false nails... organized so lovely in little boxes.

I hope that I have portrayed being creative and resourceful with sharing my ideas and techniques. I hope my blog is helpful and inspires other people to be creative and try some of the simple 'nail art' and frankens as I have done.

The only negative thing I can mention about blogging..... is I seriously want to buy everything.  At this moment, I have way, way too many polish's that are untried  that I haven't worn or photographed, but it is hard to pass up some the beauties I have found, and some of the bargains I have found as well.

~ Also worth noting ~

I live in a  small town and the only beauty supply store here is for professionals only. I totally sneaked  in there last week, and they don't even have the new china glaze glitters yet - SAD! Also at a drug store in my town,I finally found the new sally Hansen Runway collection, the brown shade was gone, of course -  so I haven't seen it IRL. We also got the new collection of Sally Hansen Insta Dries, the colors are very pretty, and I wish I had my camera handy. However - these are priced at $6.99 each, which is worth it for a quality polish that dries super-duper fast, BUT you get 9.17 ml for $6.99 CAD, where China Glaze at Sally Beauty are $4.99CAD for 14 ml.... It kinda irks me that drugstore/ department store polish ( even my beloved Sally Hansen ) are way more expensive than China Glaze, or other salon polish's.WHY?


Lumin0us said...

Heya! After reaing your post, all i can say is that I truly find you a rare soul!
You're one the most creative bloggers i've come across so far, and i love they way you're straight to he point and honest.
What else can I say?!...I love your blog! Keep up the good work, and keep on shining:D

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

What ChG glitters do you want to get? I can do a CP for you, if you want. My town isn't big, but at least my Sally has some glitters :-) I also believe we still have the SH Runway. Which brown are you looking for?

Lucy said...

I love your blog and your honest opinion. Love all of your polishes. I don't even blog and I have tons of untrieds. I've been reading blogs for about a year and a half and my polish has increased. I can't imagine what I would buy if I had a blog.

PerryPie said...

You have to pay 4.99 for CG at Sally? Omg, that sucks. I live in Calgary and we're only paying 3.99. Maybe ask your Sally why that is. I would assume they're uniform across Canada. And by the way, I'm so happy to have found a Canadian polish blogger!