Thursday, October 21, 2010

Part 3 Green Spam for Depression awareness month

more green spam - I have a part 4 coming up, too!

Fetish Sci-Fi - 3 thin coats with TC

Fetish - Lizard 4 thin coats with TC

 Fetish - Poison Ivy 4 thin coats w/TC

Avon - Olive Green 1 fabulous Coat = A+ Avon

 Claire's Evergreen Shimmer - 3 thin coats no TC

 ( The above and below polish look similar, but the polish below is lighter IRL )

Claire's un-named Mini 6 pack Rainbow shimmers 3 coats w/TC

Claire's un-named Mini 6 pack Rainbow Frosts 3 coats (yuck on the formula but a lovely shade)

Claire's - Jen Jen 3 coats w/ 2 coats of TC

Subtle pink-ish Blurple flash?

 Older Claire's Starlight 3 thin coats w/TC

 This. Will. Not. Dry. and. I. still. refuse. to. give. up. on. it.

Maybelline Color-Rama 4 coats on pinky - 1 coat layered over black for the rest

 Icing Spring LE Rainbow 5 pack un-named green 2 coats w/ TC

uuuuugggghhhhh Maybelline Express Finish Green So Sheen 2 coats - no TC

 Nina Ultra Pro Mermaid - 3 coats w/ TC - Ring is 1 coat layered over Black

NYC Big Money Frost  - 3 coats

NYC Luxury Lime Creme - 3 coats 

 Ring nail is 1 coat Black & 1 coat of NYC L.L.C.

Sinful  Colors - Green Bean 3 coats ( frosty )


stopdidine said...

All these varnishs are all more beautiful some than the others, I admit all the same to have a preference for the spangled.

Unknown said...

You have so really interesting greens. Love them all :)

Lucy said...

Beautiful polishes. All so different. I'm suprised to see some of the polishes layered over black is even lovelier.

The Preppy Student said...

Mermaid looks AWESOME over black