Monday, November 23, 2009

♥ Nailene Bedazzle Nail Stickers ♥

I neeeeeeeeed to have color! So I stuck on these super pretty Nailene Bedazzle nail stickers. Some of these stickers are very intricate, I took some close-up shots below. Using a pair of tweezers to grasp the stickers, while gently bending the paper these stickers are attached to will make it way easier to get them off the card and apply to your nails.

I didn't really have a pattern in mind when I started applying these, I love these pink and white detailed stickers, The butterflies and flowers are so pretty. And I like that these 'rhinestones' are low profile. Nail stickers are good to have around in the event of bubbles with translucent false nails, or a dented/smudged manicure or pedicure. Normally I wouldn't add stickers to every single nail, but today I was in the mood for it and think this looks very pretty.

All my photos are indoors under Fluorescent lighting. I notice when I take photos of most pink, fuchsia, magenta, coral and pink-oranges colors, my camera has a problem with this, = there is a extremely noticeable yellow-orange cast to my photos. In the photos below, they are all normal except the photo where I am holding up the pink Nailene Bedazzled stickers, it has an intense yellow-orange cast to it. Hmmmmm.... Unsolved mysteries♥ 











Paige said...

Those are super cute!

jaljen said...

Phew. So glad you spritzed them up. How delicate those stickers are. I tried once and ended up making a mess. No patience - didn't wait for my nails to be dry. Looking forward to more colour!

Lucy said...

Love those stickers. I should try that when I get a dent. I never think of a sticker.