Sunday, November 8, 2009

♥ Billie - 'Electric Yellow' ♥

I did a quickie skittles with a few other polish's because I really wanted to see how this would look on the nail... But my camera battery quit on me before I could get the great photos of this yellow polish. WOW- this is friggen bright.  I think even I would feel weird walking around in public wearing a polish this bight! As you can see from the photo above, it took alot of coats to get to this finish  (middle Finger). I did not add a quick dry top coat so I could actually get a picture of a color this bright. And so I got a few dings & dents before I could finish getting all my photos.

PINKY - Claire's Flame & 2 coats of T.C.
RING - Claire's Jen Jen & 2 coats of T.C.
MIDDLE - Two Coats of White & 5 coats of Billie 'Electric Yellow'
INDEX  -  5 coats of Billie 'Electric Yellow'

 ~ Fluorescent Lighting ~

  ~ Fluorescent Lighting ~


Paige said...

That is a really bright color! Wow!

Lucy said...

Love your skittles. Just adorable.