Monday, March 31, 2014

Red Dotti-Cure

wow ---that Witchcraft red glitter is something else..... it really glows! This mani is a base of Icing Sandy Beach, multi-sized dots made with Kozmic Colours reds, Sally Hansen Red Comet, and Witchcraft Red Glitter. I used a matte Top Coat from N.Y.C. The bland base polish really made this dotti-cure extra special.

before TC


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wet n Wild glittery red nail art

 Todays mani is a bright red from the Wet n Wild MegaLast Collection. I used a thin striping brush to make curved lines with Wet n Wild Wild Shine Burgundy Frost, a swipe of Wet n Wild Mega Last in On the 101 = a pretty, multi-sized glitter in a black jelly base. I also added a few strokes of Witchcraft Red Glitter, for maximum glittery-ness

 I added a coat of Pro-FX TC. This smoothed out any bumpy-ness -  but I find that this TC takes alot of work to remove with regular polish remover becuase it is sooooo thick.

Stuff I used for this mani

This is a lively bright red, 3 coats

..... with the addition of Burgundy Frost

  then glitter and top coat

I used Pro-FX TC for this mani

 Indoor flo

Saturday, March 29, 2014

pretty pink Gradient sponge with opalescent TC

 i was happy to find this Icing Top coat in the bargain bin at the closest Icing store to me in Minot N.D. in the summer of 2013. Icing Baby Doll top coat has multi-sized opalescent glitter. The formula is the same as most Icing brand nail polish that I have tried, it didn't do much to smoothe out the lumpy sponged polish, and I dont feel like it sped up my dry time, the multi-sized opalescent glitter is mesmerizing. I think that this will be very pretty over a dark royal blue or even black...... next time.

The base of this Mani is a gradient sponge of 2 pretty pink no-name nail polishes from Kozmic Colors that I found at the DollarRama. I have about 75 of these Kozmic color polish's they are found at the Dollar Tree and also at the DollarRama in Canada. They are dirt cheap and this company is cranking out new collection every 6 months, and so I try and get the whole collection at once when I see it.

yes I know this is janky masking tape,  I try to recycle whenever I can 

in dimmer lighting for maximum opalescent-ness.......opalescent-ey......opalescent-tivity

Thursday, March 27, 2014

SORRY! ................ and Kosmic Colors Zebra nail art from the dollar-rama

 I had to erase my blog-roll and do a bunch of other stuff to my blog layout ---- hopefully everyone has blog-lov'in or some other type of blog-reader-thingy, and won't miss my massive list of NAIL BLOGS for a week or two. When i have time this weekend i will have to figure out what to do about that. i wasn't able to edit it and people who abandoned their blogs, somehow their blogs turned into ads for companies and things I do not want to be associated with - so I had to erase the whole thing and I will have to start over.

I get bummed out when some of my favorite blogs stop posting, or don't post as much as usual, and so I am  sorry for doing that myself. I am straight up addicted to the Internet. = I could stay online from morning till night reading and looking at pictures of all sorts of things. I wish I had dial up cuz I would get frustrated easily and only have the patience for 1/2 hr of Internet a day LOL! So I have to just stay away all together

I am still alive but I am trying to not buy nail polish, and not spend 3 hours a day looking at nail blogs, nail art pictures, Pinterest and DIY websites (decor and do-it-yourself blogs) It is super duper hard!

 I have also been bribing myself with new nail polish PURCHASES when I get things done around my home = it's not really working but I have reduced my ass-to-couch time quite a bit, and I am pretty proud of that. I still do my nails and try all the new easy nail art technique's I have found on-line. I am still only allowed to buy bottles of nail polish if they are under $2.00 CAD, The Dollar-Rama in Canada has been a goldmine for polish lately.

Which brings me to today's post. This is 2 pretty polish's from the Kosmic Colors line that I picked up last summer.... ( summer of 2013)  I used 3 coats of the No-Name Pink, and used a small liner brush to make the Zebra Stripes in this No-Name Red. I added a sloppy coat of the Wet n Wild ' Clear Nail Protector that I found at The Dollar-Rama......

stuff I used

 I haven't really put this to the test, It dried pretty fast and shiny but didn't totally disguise the bumpy finish of my Zebra nail art. I am trying to stay away from thick, but incredibly shiny and smoothe Top Coats and am trying to use thinner Top coats. I'll make the sacrifice and have a lumpy/bumpy texture mani, to prevent having to use Acetone to remove polish if I can.

These are my real nails! - I can't beleive it either!