Friday, April 29, 2011

For friday night 2:30 a.m.

3 coats of Sally Hansen Salon Hyacinth, a sponging of Confetti My Favorite Martian, and a coat of Sinful Colors Call You Later.

Here is a mani I wore a few days ago - I contemplated even posting this because of all the thousands of polish's colours I have seen this is the ugliest I have ever come across. I picked this up at the dollar store in my town, just for lulz, as  I am not a fan of this line of Sally Hansen polish's. A real Hyacinth is not this colour so I don't know why they would name it this.

I didnt want it too glittery, so only used 1 coat of the Sinful Colors polish. This was literally a last minute addition ~ I couldn't go out in public wearing just the Sally Hansen Hyacinth polish alone..... what would people think of me? and I didn't want to take it off and do my nails again!

Also the brush on this is 'wimpy', it was smaller and thinner than other polish's. I have tried these SH Salon polish's a few years ago and thought the formula and brush was 'meh'. This line is being dis-continued and these polish's can be found on clearance now; many are plain ordinary colours, pinks reds and Nudes but some shades are very pretty. This polish, Hyacinth was from the spring 2009 Tracey Reese LE collection.



I had to sponge on another colour, because Hyacinth alone with Sinful Colors Call You Later would not be enough to disguise the fuglyness of this shade of polish. Confetti My Favorite Martian is a lovely green glass flecked polish.

.....and here it is alone

Above and below, 3 coats of Sally Hansen Salon Hyacinth.

This is a mani I hoped would work out. The Sally Hansen polish does not look that bad with these two fabulous colours, Billie Pink Pansy and a franken I made earlier this month. I cut out a mailing label in the shape of a 'V' and stuck it on my nail, added the two polish's and a thick coat of TC.

L-R = Nailene Top Coat, Sally Hansen hyacinth, Billie Pink Pansy, franken polish Integrity

This Billie Cosmetic's polish really is that bright. I saw a look like this a few days ago and it was very pretty & tried to copy it. I will have to try again with better colours and possible skip using any type of nail guide or scotch tape.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail Prisms Franken

My Previous Mani, 2 coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Pink Diamond, and 2 coats of a franken I made with Pink Diamond. I did not want to remove my previous polish, so I disguised the tip wear from gardening with a diagonal mani. I saw this very same franken on MUA from JiLoverz a few months ago and wanted to copy it. I used a bottle of Sally Hansen Pink Diamond and NYC West Village which is a dark blue.

Also; I don't know why but every time I wear rubber-gloves the skin on my hands starts to flake off a few days after. I am going to Google this and see what comes up. Does this happen to anyone else? I make sure I wash them inside out and dry them before I use them for chores.... so no nail polish remover for me for a day or two till my hands are in better shape.





to make this lovely franken I used sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Rose Diamond and added NYC west Village (a deep dark blue). I was nervous about it and thought I might ruin it, but it turned out just fine.

L-R My Franken Layered over NYC West Village, an earlier lighter version of my franken, and 2 coats of the franken I made with Sally Hansen Rose diamond and NYC West Village.

below is Sally hansen NailPrisms in Diamond layered over various polish's.

L-R, 1 coat over Black, 2 coats of Diamond, 1 coat over Icing's Dark Purple Creme, 2 coats of China Glaze Shower Together, 2 coats of NYC China Town, 2 coats over Icing's Light Purple Creme

Below; this was a mani from before earth day..... I layered my purple prism franken over Sally Hansen XW Grey Area.....2 coats with 1 coat of TC.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Pink Diamond Nail Prisms

 I finally wore pink for pink Wednesday's and I am actually going to blog about it before Wednesday is over! I am an avid young go-getter. I didnt really need to add as many photos as I did to this post, but I took so many......

This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Ruby Diamond layered over 1 coat of an un-named Sally Hansen Chrome polish. I had 3 of these Ruby Diamond polish's, One I bought at a garage sale 7 years ago, the other two I found at a dollar store in my town 2 years ago. Most of these Sally Hansen Nail Prism polish's are sheer - but awesome - and need to be layered or 4 to 6 coats are needed for opacity. I tested this on my pinky and it would need 4 coats to cover any bare spots and hide VNL.

I used a coat of another awesome Sally Hansen polish, there is no name on his one but it is a bright pink, the same base colour as this Sally hansen Nail Prism polish. On the left is 2 coats of Ruby Diamond layered over the pink chrome and on the right is just 1 coat of the pink chrome polish.

I have read that top coat diminishes the holo-ness of some of these prismatic polish's.... I cant see any difference, as I skipped TC on every other nail.

sun/cloud cover

weird lighting

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BOOM! Glitter explosion

this is 2 coats of Revlon Hazy, followed by 2 coats of Sinful Colors Aruba Rhythm. i used my new stripe polish to create the lines, then applied a blob of clear polish and added the larger magenta holographic hex glitters to the base of the lines, then swept more clear polish sort of following the lines and gently sprinkled on the smaller holographic magenta hex glitter.

I tried to place the large hex glitter on my nail individually, but it was taking too long, so I added a blob of clear to the base and scooped it up and sprinkled it on my nail. I used a fluffy brush to pick up the smaller glitters and tapped and waved it over the wet clear polish. Glitter is fun to use for mani's but very messy.

This is one of my favorite easy to do looks. It did eat up alot of top coat - next time I won't use so much glitter. If it is a holographic glitter a little goes a long way.  On my right hand I did not add the shimmery Sinful Colors polish and did not add a s much of the larger holo hex glitter, I liked it better then with the shimmery polish and if I repeat this look I will be sure to use a plain creme base for my lines & glitter.

stuff  I used; Revlon Hazy, Magenta stripe polish & two sizes of  Magenta holographic Hexagon glitter

drew lines, blobbed clear polish and added large glitter to base of lines

 added clear polish along lines and sprinkled on smaller glitter

added 2 coats of TC

Revlon Top Speed Hazy, 2 coats with Top Coat

2 coats of Revlon Hazy & 2 coats of Sinful Colors Aruba Rhythm with Top Coat

I'm doing all my glitter work over the sink and washing down any fallout - glitter is messy but beautiful

Monday, April 25, 2011

new blogs & Sinful Colors Aruba Rhythm

Sinful Colors Aruba Rhythm, 2 coats layered over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Grey Area - no top coat

This polish has a strong flash, from Grey/lilac to green/gold = there are  few Sinful Color polish's with this property. I know these are on sale in the USA at Wall-greens or CVS this week for $.99 cents, but apparently some of The Bargain Stores in Canada have a tray or two of Sinful Color Polish's.  I will do a better swatch of this comparing it to Sally Hansen Emerald Amethyst & put a request on MUA for duo-chrome's or polish's with strong Flash from Sinful Colors.

The only down-side to some of the polish's available from sinful colors is that some are sheer. I prefer to layer everything so it is not a problem for me. The brush was a little stiff on this one - but top coat would fix that up.

Any notable Sinful Colors with properties like this, duo-chromey, or ones with strong flash - let me know. Personally I would purchase them all - for .99 cents to $1.50 each they are worth it!

..... and new blogs! (Late again lol)

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and a few more photos to catch that green to lilac change. no outdoor shots as I was still in my jammies for these photos.

this is what I layered Aruba Rhythm over

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Plug yourself Sunday and more Sinful Colors Spotted in Canada

a sampling of the stripe polish I bought at The Bargain Shop in Wienerpeg, MB, shown over 2 coats of Sally Hansen XW in Grey Area. !!!! I am happy I stopped in that store !!!! This is one stroke of each colour, the pink and purple are a little sheer, but easily remedied. There were two sets of colours and I picked this one. ( I did not take a photo of the other set - but it was a summery group of colours - wish i had it, too )

Please add your nail blog to my comments if it isn't on my blog roll yet, I will add the link tomorrow in a post of new blogs.

♥ Happy Easter everyone ♥

The display at The Bargain Shop in Winnipeg Mb ( on McPhillips st.)

Above; the Sinful Colors polish's were $2.98 CAD, the stripe polish's were also $2.98 CAD. The 5 sets were $6.29, many of them were dried out, no problem - they need a little polish thinner. The stripe polish set I bought made me very happy.  ♥

For $4.98 CAD I thought that if the colours were thin and sheer, I could franken them to the colour and consistency I wanted. Very happy & wish I bought the other set which had a pretty orange and green (?, I cant remember what was in the other set... summery fun colours).

the back...

The brush is  actually thinner then the L.A. Colors Art Deco Stripe polish, which was a surprise

and I grabbed Sinful Colors Aruba Rhythm.... looked like a sheer lilac with some flash - we'll see.
- NOT ON MY NAILS  - SORRY - I am wearing Sally Hansen X-treme wear in Grey Area

I haven't tried this yet, but I am happy that these are available at some stores in Canada, not the whole collection, but they did ave some very nice new colours in the display at The Bargain Shop.