Sunday, November 8, 2009

♥ Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Goodies ♥

THIS IS MY BIGGEST PROBLEM...... BARGAINS!!!!! I could not pass on snapping up these Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish's at $1.14 each at a pharmacy in my town that I pop into once and a while. Every time I read the Xtreme on the label,,,, the way it is written reminds me of the first Harold & Kumar....  I already had Lavender Envy and Flirt, But wanted to include them in this line-up. I must also add, that for the price of a fancy decorating magizine, or even a trip to Mc. D's I bought 7 gorgeous nail polish's.

Anyhoo, I was so impressed with the long wearing time of Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in 'Flirt' which you should read about HERE - that  I had to grab these.  I don't know why these were on clearance everywhere, because I have seen them  being cleared out at a few stores as well as some other bloggers mentioning these on clearance, too. (before I tried flirt).

These are all very pretty girly colors. I was reluctant to pick up any of these Sally Hansen Extreme Wear polish's, because I do not like to use Pro wide brushes,and I like my brush handles to be thin and a normal length, ( what a cry-baby )

Below on my super-awesome-home-made-nail-swatches, where there is a little heart beneath the nail I have used 2 coats of 'Flirt' and have layered lavender Envy & Pink Confetti, over 'Flirt'

~ Left to Right ~

Hot Magenta - a shimmer-packed bright magenta
Flirt - a rich creme Eggplant that is ridiculously shiny
Cotton Candy - a sheer shimmery lite pink
Lavender Envy - a gorgeous sheer duo-chrome
Pink Confetti -A sheer shell pink, with sparse glitter, sadly
Strawberry Icing - An awesome glass-fleck pink
Ice Coffee - a pretty rusty pink (rusty-pink?)

One day I will get some nails wheels....... Seriously.


Paige said...

What a great find!

Lucy said...

Lucky find! I just started buying these in the summer. I really like this brand. The polish is really nice and it does last. I also love the colors it comes in. I hadn't bought drugstore polishes in years. I have to look for some of these colors. Love that rust shade.

Unknown said...

Wow, great deals! I love Flirt and Hot Magenta. Thanks for the swatches!