Friday, November 20, 2009

♥ Katie Perry's "Disco Ball" Manicure ♥

~ Too much ? ~

 I am  surprised I have not seen this done on the interwebz or on blogs anywhere..... this was lots of fun to do = but not practical.  I loved this right away when I saw it.....These are more of a 'Concept Nails' look, as I would not wear this mani IRL, however I was in Micheal's Craft Store a few weeks ago, and saw sheets of smaller pink rhinestones which would probably look a little better than these bigger ones I have used.  I used 'Cell Phone' stick on rhinestones, = they have a sticky back which you just peel off the protective paper and stick to your cell phone. I got these at Claire's jewelery store a while ago and never used them, and picked off a few smaller rhinestones from a butterfly rhinestone tattoo that I had laying around....

I used sticky nail tabs to attach these false nails to my nails.....  - because these rhinestones would pick up so much fluff and fur etc I wanted to be able to just pop these off..... they aren't practical for real life......... they look really cool though.

I painted my nails with Billie 'Silver' - a very rich silver foil polish., and then just started sticking the rhinestones on my nails. It did not take very long, maybe 15 minutes. I found that sticking these rhinestones on my nails was very relaxing & meditative. The tiny rhinestones that I glued on with nail glue kept popping there area few bare spots.There are few tut's on the interwebs on how to do this..... All my photos are indoors under fluorescent lighting. I did take some flash photos, but I could barely capture any blingy-ness.

~ Katie Perry's Disco Ball Manicure picture from her twitter ~

~ from Google images ~

~ The stones I used were way bigger - & this only took me 15 minutes ~

 ~ Stick on Rhinestones form Claire's & a few rhinestones from a blingy butterfly tattoo ~
~ I used tweezers to place these rhinestones on the nail. ~


~ Flash ~






Delainie said...

I FREAKIN LOVE THIS! That is sooo great! Nice job :D

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome mani - thank you for taking the time to do this and show us!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome mani - thank you for taking the time to do this and show us!!!

Whitney G said...

Gorgeous! They look like the nails of a super-sexy female badass, like a Charlie's Angel.

Paige said...

That looks great!!!

Alexa said...

this is great! it's smart to use bigger stones to save time!haha. did katy use a silver polish underneath? it looks somewhere in between silver and gold. :)
btw, katy perry's nails rock everytime!! i love her foiled leopard print nails as well!!

ThRiSzHa said...

this is pretty..

jaljen said...

Crazy. How long did you keep this going? Totally impractical and yet somehow desirable and rather alluring.
*fights urge to go out and splurge on rhinestones*

1xellus1 said...

wow! you're an artist! love it!