Sunday, November 8, 2009

♥ Billie 'Hot Shimmers' ♥

So I finally have all the Billie Cosmetics 'Hot Shimmer's' polish. I already had the 'Burning Hot' from early springtime. These polish's are extremely sheer, I purchased 2 extra 'Burning Hot' polish's and they are more sheer then the origional one that I have..... WHY???? = They have 'pigmented down' their polish... I suppose in this economy......ha-ha I shouldn't even write that.. The formula is still the same, they dry fast and they don't have a strong smell.... but they jacked up the price to $1.19 at my favorite store in my town! ( * tears *). Its still a good value for the $$$. I was having camera issues and may try to get better photos of the quick swatches I did on my super-awesome-nail-board-things.... Hopefully I will actually wear these soon, and wont need to take better photos of the swatch.

I have layered these polish's over a coat of N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim below. I figured 'Hot to Trot' would be very sheer, but it looks very nice layered over S.T.D. Hot Stuff surprised me with the layering, I really really like that.

~ Flash ~

 ~ Shade ~

 ~ Flash ~

L to R  =  the last four are layered over N.Y.C.  Skin Tight Denim
Feeling Hot  = 2 coats
Burning Hot = 2 coats
Hot Stuff = 2 coats
Hot to Trot = 2 coats
Hot Pink = 2 coats
  ~ Layering ~
Feeling Hott = 2 coats layered over Skin Tight Denim
Hot Stuff  = 2 coats layered over Skin Tight Denim
Hot to Trot = 2 coats layered over Skin Tight Denim
Hot Pink  = 2 coats layered over Skin Tight Denim

 ~ Indoors with Flash ~

 ~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~


Paige said...

What beautiful colors!

ainos2 said...

Loving the outcome of your layered set!