Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~♥~ Maybelline " Red Comet " ~♥~


FACT: Reading Nail Blogs and having a Nail Blog... will make you want to buy more nail polish

Wow, I was totally gonna buy China Glaze ' Ruby Pumps ' the next time I went to the big city to the nearest Sally Beauty Supply....... but I found this and many other very pretty and fast drying Maybelline polishes.... For 2 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus a fudge-load of other great nail goodies ( to post soon ). If you Google the CG Ruby Pumps, there are many other polishes just as beautiful, from Essie (disc. ?) and color club. I did not think I would fall for this red glitter, but it is very pretty. The whole time I wore it I was constantly gazing at it.
I'm not sure if it against the law, but I took pictures in the store of all the available colors, in case I get a hankering to pick up some more.... I am always delighted to walk into a bargain-type store and find goodies like this... makes my week! Yeah, I did say I was not gonna buy any more nail goodies.... and I totally took it back, then I said I was gonna not buy so many... and on and you can see from my little list of polishes to wear/swatch, and those I have not worn yet on the right-hand side of my blog, clearly = I can do without buying polish for a while....... But I bought these last week, and I am giving this store 2 more weeks, and if there is still colors available that I want... they are fair game. I was hoping that I would find that beautiful matte olive in this store.. but nope.

You bet your bunz that I bought all those Party Toez... { well I did leave 2 for someone else to buy } I bought two of the red ones that were only .50 cents! And the Pink Cherry one was $2.00... I have been doing alot of giving and ROAK lately, as I always do, but being more mindful of goodies returning to me.... However everything I do is because I WANT TO, not just because there is a need for it = so when I walked in this store I was super-duper happy!

So all those packages with the yellow sticker on them, were half price, those Fing'rs 108 un-painted acrylics, were .50 cents each! Fifty frig-digitty cents!

The two polishes "Red Comet' and 'New Years Blues', the hard case of Fing'rs nails, the Pink Cherry Party Toez, and the White nail stickers, all those goodies were $2.00...
It was a nice 'mini' reward form me to find this haul, It is my return of sending out kindness for donating all clothes that I will never fit into, and will never wear again because they are too 'revealing' to the thrift stores in town.... { That was really hard for me }.


I was just writing about those Party Toez a few weeks ago..... I did write my letter to Fing'rs and Nailene, and they did respond { about the LETHAL cracking for their pre-painted nails..... maybe I will post that too } I also bought five 108 packs of Fing'rs unpainted acrylic nails..... I scored bid time that day. Also those Revlon's in the photo were really good too, I have used them before and I had no problems. It took all my will power to not buy one of everything in this photo...... but .......


Any hoo on to some polish.....

Below is a fuzzy pic I has to include, I absolutely love how a fuzzy pic of glitter polish looks... well... fuzzy glitter anything. On all my digits, with the exception of my RING finger, I have used a deep black polish = 1 coat, and then two coats of Maybelline 'Red Comet'.... My RING finger is just 2 coats of ' Red Comet'. Maybelline still makes this same polish, just in the new bottle with the red cap. The one I found may be older, but it did dry to the touch in 1 minute.... which is rad, so far I have only picked up 3 of these, which I am to post eventually, and they are all awesome. All my photos are in the beautiful sunshine and the shade..... It really does make a big difference when taking photographs to get some sun in them.


{ * eyes glaze over.... drool.....* }















Sunday, April 26, 2009

~♥~ Billie Alloy ~♥~

Ahhhhh, I love these foil-metallic's. When I squint my eyes, and un-focus a little, and I can see all the tiny bits of metallic catching the light.... it's sooooo pretty. This is another Billie Polish, "Alloy". I could knock this out in one thicker coat, and usually do, but I used two here for my modeling. I am happy with these polishes as I can usually avoid brush strokes I whipped up a couple of frankens with these metallic's, and I am glad I was forward thinking and picked up doubles of some of these metallic's.



This skinnier style brush handle, really works for me, This week I picked up a few new polishes with wider shorter handles and I had a hard time managing them..... I think that's why I stick to SH and then these polishes with the slimmer brush handle.... But practice makes perfect, Right/

p.s. please ignore the dings on my ring finger..I'm pretty miffed about it, as it's a mystery how that happened, I literally sat sill for 15 min to be sure that i would not have any problems w/this one.....

~ Full Sun ~
~ FAVORITE PIC, Finishes like this make my eyes glaze over ~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

~♥~ Billie " Rose " ~♥~

 Again, no pics in the sunshine. Bright greens and blues are easy to capture on camera..... but the pinks and oranges that I have modeled recently, just are not cutting it for me..... Eventually I will wear this polish again too, when the weather forecast calls for some sunshine. This color is more of an orange-ey pink, so it is weird they would call it rose....hmmmmmm. It may be easier to see with the line-up I have posted an the swatches I have done. Nonetheless, it is a strikingly bright color, goes on smoothe and dries too, too fast.




 above, Billie 'Rose', 'Pink Pansy' & 'Fuchsia'


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~♥~ Billie " Fuschia " ~♥~


Here is another one from the group of bright polishes form my awesome neighborhood .99 cent store. There was a span of like 4 days where there was absolutely no sunshine here. So I will definitely have to wear this again soon, and get some better pics in the sun. Basically this is a hot pink fluorescent polish similar to what other company's have for their summer line ups. This is a matte polish, that I got for .99 cents. (woo-hoo)

Every single pic here is in the shade sadly, The pink glow in my palm is reflecting the color in the bottle - Its not some weird camera problem. It had me a little worried about what they would put into a polish to make it sooooo bright!



Mysterious Billie polish

~ the best pic i can do for now ~

A little commentary......

So this mysterious BILLIE Brand of nail polish, is made specifically for "Bargain and discount shops", as soon as I tried one of the metallic's 2 years ago when I moved to this town, "I was like whoa, what is this stuff?". So I looked all over the internet and finally I just looked up this, Williams Direct Marketing , which is a company out of Scarborough Ontario, Canada. I have sent these products away for further testing an analysis by a pro { :o) }


I had made sure to take pictures of the back of the labels for people to read the ingredients, and such, and the name of the Company too. If you look at the website, there is only color names, and no pictures... which is weird because there used to be pictures, they also have alot of cool nail accessories and such....stickers, false nails, I bought one of there pressed powders, and that was decent, I was surprised, and their lip gloss is pretty nice too. I will post a pic soon of that. I usually run over to that store twice a week, just to see what sorts of goodies they get in there, ( yeah right, more like 4 times a week !!!) and I get soo giddy when I see that they have some new beauty/nail goodies.


There is another Canadian blogger who said that she just bought 4 of these, but did not mention the colors she found yet. I have added all my Billie polishes to my - to swatch list - on the side-bar of my blog, with a picture of all my collection of goodies soon to follow.I am a curious girl, and so I look EVERYTHING up. I have upcoming posts of "polish's round the world", "bargain polishes and other stuff that is actually pretty good", and my "round the house organization that works for me and may be helpful and inspiring to you", " awesome nail related thing I have found on the internet" and of course more frankens, hauls ( ? ) and swatches.


I have been a busy girl lately, I have alot of cool posts to add, done some neat 'round the house projects when I find time, and use my mellow-relaxation time to read, everyone =EVERYONE's blogs. I am fixated on blogs......I read my favorite blogs when there is a new post before the news in the morning. I always despised magazines, print ads and company's with promises..... I like the real life opinion. The real facts and peoples experience.

So hopefully this will help people with an interest in this product. I cannot vouch for the ingredients in this product, as I have not looked the ingredients all up yet, but it i made in the U.S.A, and is distributed by a Canadian Company, and sold at a shop run by and independent business woman. At the end of the month, I plan on putting an add in my local classifieds , in hopes I can get my greedy paws on some colors I do not have yet, or even better some doubles of the ones I do have.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Billie 'Green Meadows'

Billie 'Green Meadows' - 2 coats - no T.C.

The polish I thought was the ugliest, and I had reserved for just my toes, in winter-time, is the one I like the most. That was surprising. The .99 cent store I shop at occasionally gets a shipment of the brand of polish, this is the 3rd time I have bought a group of them.

This is a very pretty, soft neon green with a little shimmer to it. I was very pleasantly surprised that I like it as much as I do. It is two coats, dries ridiculously fast, and while it is definitely neon, it is not too in-your-face bright. I am really surprised with the names of these four bright colors. This one is called "Green meadows" that is such a mellow name for a color like this. It should be called " Electric Grass", or High Voltage Vine " etc. Something a little less 'peaceful', and like they are named by hippies- but they are neon, soo....
Anyhoo, on to my photo's.



~♥~ Billie 'Lime' ~♥~

Here is another polish from my most recent super-duper-bargain-haul at my favorite .99 cent store in my town. This is called 'Lime' and it is a very appropriate name for it, because it looks like, well, a lime. I only have outdoor pictures, I did not have my camera on Macro mode while I shot some photos indoors.

As always, this polish went on easily, dried super fast and holds up really well. On my INDEX finger, there is two coats of white polish, followed by 3 coats of 'Lime',

Sunday, April 19, 2009

~♥~ Billie " Tripp'in Smurffs" ~♥~

~ Outside shade ~

I am diss-appointed that there has not been sun-shine here for 2 days.... But I must continue on with my 7 day nail polish challenge..... I am sure to wear these colors again soon, I am ready to start modeling the bright pinks I acquired......

Here is an intense primary blue, aptly named " Blue", but I had to change the name to something more appropriate... I call this one Billie "Tripp'in Smurffs" This is a matte polish, it goes on easily and dries very, very fast. I fiddled around with some frankens this weekend, and this polish is helping to create some beautiful colored frankens....I think this polish looks like Smurffs. Because of it's matte-ness, it reminds me of blue tempra paint, like in school, just a basic plain blue.... it is definitely a fluorescent blue......adding a topcoat really made it flashy and noticeable....

The next  photo I added one coat of clear.....

My INDEX finger is just 3 coats of this shade, but all my other fingers I painted two coats of a opaque white polish, then 3 of the blue..... not sure exactly why all my nails look to be different colors, my ring finger looks really, really light, but I think it is just the angle...With flash, the 2 layers of white are really visible, My INDEX finger has no white undercoat, This color also looks alot brighter in the sun where I used the white " undercoat" I used two coats of white and 3 coats of this "blue" color.....

~ A photo of the 2 layers of white.. & glitter frankening I am working on ~
~This is only 1 coat of the blue, it is pretty sheer,
~so 3 coats will get it to the bottle color~

Ha-Ha, here is a photo of one of my previously posted polishes, the 'Orange" color, It matches perfectly with the price sticker from a store!!! All the while I wore that orange, I was craving orange Popsicles.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

~♥~ Billie "Blue Skies" ~♥~

~ Blogger is no letting me up-load pictures of the NOTD an insane blue I names' Tripp'in Smurffs"...... WTFudge is up with blogger lately.... I hope to at least draft it soon, i have alot of nail photos, plus some rad frankening I did today That I hope to write about, before I forget all the little details... anyone else having problems with blogger today? (Saturday Night ~ April 18/09)

Oh-well, onto a very pretty polish I wore last week during my Deez-Nailz 7 day NOTD Challenge......

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Blue Skies, this is a fitting name, a soft- shimmery- matte- light- blue, two coats, dries ultra fast, very happy with it. I remember in the 'olden' days when I would paint my nails and they would not be dry for hours, sometimes overnight.These Billie polishes dry fast, I am so happy with this brand, and hope to add many more of these to my collection, they are soooo cheap, too (.99 cents, CANADIAN ) The two pink neon polishes I bought are alright, but I will likely never wear them again.... well, possibly the purple one - but I will definitely need something layered over it. I am stocked up with 'un-worns' probably till X-Mas, and at the moment I am trying hard to not pick up zny new polish till I wear / swatch the ones that I have never worn.

Not all bargain polishes have been good to me, I do like to try new stuff, in this case, I would likely never wear neon's, other than on my toes, so I don't mind trying them out, just for .99 cents. but It cheese's me off when I but a polish, or make-up, or a moisturizer, whatever - buy something
and it turns out to be something completely different or not be what I want, or what I thought it was. I am grateful for all those people out here, show-casing their nail-polish goodies, and product reviews... So that I can make an informed choice, and no longer will I have closets and cabinets stuffed with beauty products that I will never use.

Thank you Much!

Friday, April 17, 2009

~♥~ Billie 'Orange' & Burning Hot' ~♥~

~Billie "Orange" and Billie "Burning Hot" (on my ring)~

Billie "Burning Hot" is a light burnt orange shimmer, 2 coats -dries super fast, but was a little strong smelling for me. The color sorta looks like Orly Cha-Cha-Cha, which comes in a mini and full size. Those Orly minis are sooo cute! This is a very sheer polish, that will probably look its best layered over another polish.


If you own an orange high-lighter; this is exactly what "Orange" looks like, exactly. I would say that it is an average neon orange. The neon safety vests construction people wear is a little more of a burnt orange, where this is a color you would get when you use paper-mate/liquid paper and a high-lighter on your nails (if you were bored in school). This is a matte finish, I thought that a shiny top-coat would tone it down a little, nope, it actually makes it appear a little brighter....It's hard to find a picture of how this specific color looks to me, as all the neon's that I have found recently and neon polishes in general are difficult to photograph, hence my bizarre descriptions and Google-hunting....

~ Stuff I think my polish looks like ~

~ The Nike (TM ) swoosh (TM) on this rad sneaker ~

~ OSHA Safety Spray Paint ~

~ This ~

I really, really hoped the sun would come out today, but it is starting to look like that is not happening. But, neon's really look their best in the shade, or crummy indoor lighting, and I am hurting to take this off and paint my nails another color from my haul.... so here we go with the photo's.......

~ They are all in the shade, it is soooo gloomy here ~

So instead of 5 to 6 coats of this sorta water-ey neon, I used twocoats of a plain white nail polish on all my figers except my ring of course and on my pinky I only used one coat of white..... The 1 coat of white was very streaky and it is clearly visable through the neon orange..... So now I know for next time... 2 coats of white.

Since I learned about the tiny brush dipped in remover to clean up all the mistakes around the nail bed trick (thank you soooo much) I have become extra sloppy when applying nail polish. Before, I was trying to be too careful - especially on my right hand, (I'm right handed) which previously resulted in a very uneven application .... not any more! It turns out just as good as my left hand with no drag marks, sheer spots, etc.