Saturday, November 7, 2009

♥ Deez Nailz Totally Naked ♥

Posting these was really hard - but this is the reason I wear false nails. My nails are razor thin, they have always been like this. As well as my toenails. I have added a coat of clear polish to my nails, as well as the underside of my nails... you can see how see-thru they are in the photos where I am holding my hands up to the sky.

I remember being a little girl and looking at my see-thru nails. I have cut and scraped myself and others with these lethal weapons, so now I keep my real nails hidden away from the safety of my loved ones and the public. I have used silk-wraps, and gel nails etc. in the past = but using false acrylic nails suits me best. When it is time to do crafty things or sew = I plan my nail removal around my activities. I have never, ever used acetone to soak them off. As you can see from some photos, I have done some damage. But nothing that has inhibited my health and the growth of my nails.

I rarely have problems removing my false nails, but I do not do more damage then if I accidentally ripped one off. When it is time for me to remove my false nails I just have a nice long bath ~ or soak my fingertips in warm soapy water. I usually apply a good lotion, or barrier cream, like Avon intense Moisture therapy hand cream and then I soak my finger tips.

So here they are. I didn't put alot of loving into these photos. I took these before I painted my nails. This is a coat of clear polish applied to my nails as well as the underside of my nails.I will be applying clear polish to the underside of my nails from now on, even when I am wearing false acrylic nails. This is a good thing to do. your nails actually absorb water. This is remarkably disturbing to me, when I would grow out my natural nails, they would absorb water and curl inwards on both sides, then gradually flatten out.

All photos are outdoors in the sunshine. I am holding China Glaze - 'Watermelon Rind'






Anonymous said...

How brave of you to put your real nails out there! My nails are JUST like yours. I'm a struggling nailbiter and I've been tag-teaming mine with Qtica and NailTek II. It has helped some. I'm gonna try Nailtek Intensive next and see how that works.

Paige said...

Wow, your nails are really thin! It's good that you use acrylics though, I bet that it saves you a lot of trouble.

PerryPie said...

Wow, I'm totally amazed at how clear your nails are.

Arrianne said...

So, your nails are actually that see-through because when I was younger I applied clear to the undersides of my nails and that made them look partially see-through. Not like yours though, cause man I don't think I've seen any like that before. I've noticed though about my nails absorbing water. When I'm in the shower I notice how much they flatten out. I'm always all fascinated by it.