Friday, November 27, 2009

♥ Sally Hansen 'Diva' Mattified & Glittered ♥

~ Sally Hansen 'Diva' - Matte-ified & glittered up ~

2 coats of N.Y.C. 'Skin Tight Denim'
2 coats of L.A.Girl Ridge Filler ( a matte-i-fier )
2 coats of Pure Ice 'Cheatin'

I thought this Sally Hansen 'Diva' polish would be waaaaaay more opaque, I did a little test in the store and thought that it wouldn't be so sheer..... oh well~ it's still pretty! I did a skittles HERE of with this Sally Hansen Polish without the N.Y.C. as a base for layering....This is 2 coats of  N.Y.C. 'Skin Tight Denim', and 2 coats of Sally Hansen 'Diva'.

I matte-i-fied this polish with L.A. Girl Ridge Filler,  then added some Pure Ice 'Cheatin' a gorgeous glitter  -with no guides-  on the diagonally to the corner of my free edge. The glitter is a little lumpy, and I could totally use some T.C. but this mani did not last long..... there were too many bumps and marks and so  I took it off later in the evening and did something else. I would love to have a satin finish polish in this shimmery purple  color.....

Thankfully when I wore this polish there was some sunshine. I love the Pure Ice polish's I picked up in the U.S.A. and try to incorporate them into a mani/pedi whenever I can. ♥

~ Indoor Fluorescent ~

~ Indoor Fluorescent ~

 ~ Sunshine ~

 ~ Sunshine ~


Unknown said...

Pretty!! Love the asymmetrical glitter.

Paige said...

Ooo, I love the glitter!!!

Danielle87 said...

Very pretty I will be doing this today : )

Lucy said...

Lovely manicure. I like the color and the glitter on the diagonal. You always have such amazing photos. Thank you for them.