Monday, July 29, 2013

Pink dots with Sinful Colors

 Dang! I was doing so good with posting, then I fell off the blogg'in wagon for 5 days - Oh well here I am now with a lovely and easy to do dotty mani. I started with a base of Wet n Wild White, I used a dressmaking pin to make the lighter and bigger dots, then used a regular sized dotting tool to add the other two pink colours.

No TC in these photos - - I find it is way easier to take pictures indoors without top coat I also find that my camera  will not take crisp macro photos of bright pink and orange colours indoors if I wear top coat = weird!

 Sinful Colors Boom Boom, 24/7 and Cream Pink


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matte neon dollar store sprinkles and Sinful Colors Timbleberry

For some reason I didn't take an actual, whole 5 nail manicure photo ---- how did i pull that off? I guess I was excited about these neat matte neon glitters that I found at The Dollar Tree. Instead of mixing these into a clear base, I opted to do a glitter sprinkle.  The ratio of glitter here is 3 parts orange, 1 part purple and 1 part blue.

I started with a base of Claire's Matte Grey, when it dried I applied a coat of Pro FX Top Coat, then stuck a fluffy brush into my glitter mix and sprinkled it onto my nail. I applied a coat of TC to seal it all in. I wanted to see what I kind of glitter density I could achieve, so I went buck wild and sprinkled on copious amounts of matte neon glitter to my pinky and ring nail.

 I made a franken with this matte glitter but I prefer the glitter sprinkle method as opposed to an actual franken. dipping a fluffy dry brush into a container of glitter, then sprinkling it onto wet polish seems faster, I am able to achieve more glitter coverage and I can fill in sparse areas just as easily with sprinkling it on.

here is a photo of the package of glitter from The Dollar Tree

 .............. and now there is matte neon glitter all over my nail polishing area, those tiny little baggies of glitter below were not sealed properly, so the glitter leaked everywhere. I thought that I taped them up well but some glitter escaped.

stuff I used

 R- with 1 coat of TC          --         L; immediately after sprinkling

I laid on a seriously thick coat of TC here and so I got the bubbles!

ummmm what's a Timbleberry? I know that there are Thimbleberrys, but I don think that timbleberry's are a real berry ---- anyhoo -- Sinful Colors Timbleberry is a lovely bright reddish coral. 3 coats w/ TC even though this dried extremely shiny on it's own. I forgot about these photo's so I am tacking them along with this matte glitter post.

indoor fluorescent                                                       sunshine

 ..... and now I have to get the vacuum out to suck up all that glitter


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Icing Shredded with Icing Swept Away

 "Shredded and Swept Away', that sounds like a painful autobiography title. This was 3 fast drying coats of icing Shredded over a pretty grey creme. THIS POLISH SMELLED AWEFUL - but it's so cool! I don't think I have ever used an Icing polish that smelled bad. It is definitely going to go into my smelliest nail polish list.  This mani is 3 coats of Icing Shredded layered over 2 coats of Icing Swept Away.

Icing Swept Away is a medium grey that has a bit of purple to it. The formula was the same as all the other  Icing polish's in a creme finish I have tried - It definitely smelled like a normal nail polish, lol.

I did not add TC to this mani as I took it off immediately after the photos. I didn't want to have a smelly nail polish on my nails when it was potato chip night!... As you can see from the photos and as with most of these types of polish's =  at least 2 thick coats of TC are needed to hide the bumpiness.

I want to wear this polish again in the near future but I plan on adding copious amounts of TC to disguise the smell ( and bumpyness ). Has anyone else out there used an Icing polish  that smelled aweful?

  @ 1 coat ~ I was hoping I would get a bit more coverage of the black shards considering the polish  looks pretty dense in the bottle - I was a little disapointed at the first coat but this polish dried fast.

@2 coats ~ The black shards started to fill in the sparse areas. For the third coat I tried to pick up a few of the black pieces in the neck of the bottle and dab them on where my nail was a little too bare. I added a final dip and sweep and called it a mani!

 Icing Swept Away - 2 coats  - no TC

............. and one more

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spoiled - Are Mermaids Real?

 No, sorry  -  mermaids are not real. But what is real is how pretty this purple jelly gold fleck polish is. I think this would be pretty layered over any similar hues polish, I chose to wear it alone, 3 coats with base coat ( no TC )

I was super duper happy to spot this at CVS in the U.S.A. along with another Spoiled polish I had my heart set on. the formula was great and it dried fast ---- I am totally impressed that it held up as well as it did, given that I have been rough on my hands and nails lately.

 I wore this through some gardening and outdoors-ey stuff and it held up really, really well. Since I have been trying to avoid any scented products and lotions, my cuticles look ragged and horrible - but my nails are strong and are holding up to gardening, painting, sanding and all sorts of house stuff ---- Normally my natural nails are flimsy and peel, but barely seeing a drop of lotion for the last few weeks has done my actual nails some good.....

Also; I have finally got my Blogloving all sorted out so I can make sure I never miss anyone's posts, and included a blogloving button on my blog. That blogloving is way more conveinent then google reader! I feel so out of the loop and have missed alot but I am catching up!


after yard work and gardening.........

...... and one more

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cutie Girl from the dollar Tree and Sally Hansen ID Expresso

I picked up both of these polish's at The Dollar Tree somewhere in the U.S.A. - Sally Hansen Insta Dri Expresso and a no-name Cutie Girl peach shimmery flecked polish. the formula on the Cutie Girl polish was surprisingly normal - I guess I have to stop expecting dollar store polish's to be crappy. Most of the polish's I have acquired over the years from dollar stores have been just fine, though some are too stinky for me to desire using them again.

Anyhoo ---- the formula on Insta Dri  Expresso is always awesome, this is 2 coats. I did have some bubbling on account of the ridiculous humidity we have been having in my region, but I buffed those out and slapped on a coat of this pretty peach jelly base with gold shimmer and flecks.

 I don't really know what to say about the colour of Expresso - - it doesnt really look like actual espresso. its more of a reddish mauve. Actually I really don't know what to call this colour, and maybe thats why they called it EX- Presso. Maybe they ran out of name ideas -  whatever the case may be it's still very pretty.

Is it a nude? oh dear - I have spent way to much time on this already................

 I buffed out some of the bubbles.......

 and added a coat of this no-name Cutie Girl polish

 Below; before I pulled it out to do a dupe check, I thought for sure Wet n' Wild's Casting Call would be the darker of the three - but it ended up being a much brighter and redder polish.

Avon Bare Necessity, Sally Hansen Expresso & Wet n ' Wild Casting Call

 dots of these similar polsish's. Avon Bare Necessity, Sally Hansen Expresso & Wet n ' Wild Casting Call

.... and one more shot of this pretty peach flecked polish - I love the  Dollar Tree!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

FINALLY! L.A.Colors Cactus

I have searched for this polsih for years and years in various stores and never thought I would find it and have to order it on line = BUT here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am super duper happy to have it! This is 3 coats with a coat of TC. I found it at the Dollar General store in a small town in Utah. I actually found many, many great polish's in Utah this summer. I still gotta put that U.S.A. Haul post together............

Here is a few more photos of this beautiful shimmery olive polish. You can order this online anytime ( $1.50  at Cherry Culture right now ) but I like the thrill of the hunt and I am glad I waited.

by a sorta sunny window


Friday, July 19, 2013

Rhinestones and the best black polish......................

When I looked at the profile of my nails I thought; Stegosaurus. Am I right? This mani is 1 coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme, followed by a no-name clear nail polish that I used to adhere these light green resin gems to my nails vertically. I didn't add a top coat which would have secured these for the day - I had some painting/sanding and other house stuff to do. 

The resin gems were purchased at the Dollarama 2 years ago, I used a piece of spaghetti that I licked to pick up the gems and place them on my nails..... I really like this look ---- next time I will be a little more patient with my placement and really adhere these with a thick layer of TC.


Club Havana Moonlit Dance

 I swear I don't work for Wet n Wild! Since I picked up these Megalast polish's last month,  I seem to gravitate towards them when I decide to paint my nails. WnW Club Havana is a pretty coral creme; 3 coats to opacity for me and dried surprisingly fast. Its still pretty humid in my region and I am shocked every time I polish my nails and it actually dries thoroughly.

here is a quickie dupe check --- I thought for sure these two were the same colour; but WnW Club Havana is way more coral.... This is Sally Hansen Insta Dri Orange Impulse on my ring nail - 2 coats.

 1 coat of  Sally Hansen Moonlit Dance layered over 3 coats of WnW Club Havana

Update; I guess this wasn't truly, thoroughly dry because I woke up to my index and thumb having the texture of frosted glass --- but the gold bits disguised it extremely well ---- I would say that those two nails look like a tamer version of the sugar coat polish finish that is getting popular right now. Below is a photo in sun beside an actual pane of frosted glass ( not really ~ its that peel and stick window film from Canadian Tire ) I'll probably slap another coat of Moonlit Dance on my nails till I redo them.

I'm not really a fan of the sugar coat finish or sand finish but this looks pretty cool -

stuff I used...... WnW Club Havana with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Moonlit Dance

I could not take a proper picture  of this pretty  polish. I picked this up at the DollarRama a few months ago. It is an orange jelly base with gold flecks.

This is an excellent layering polish and worked for me today as I am not really a fan of orange and coral polish's. This was $2 CAD where they are regularly priced at $8-ish at Walmart.