Wednesday, November 4, 2009

♥ Copper Glitterpocalypse How To ♥


 This is super-duper easy to do. I even managed to contain the glitter in one area on my desk. I made sure to cover my work area with wax paper - in doing this I keep all the glitter action in the area of my wax paper &  can simply fold up the waxed paper and throw it away. For this nail art I have used: 

♦ A base of Sally Hansen 'Mocha Madnes' = 2 coats
♦ Sponged on Sally Hansen 'Dark Nut Brown' to my tips
♦ Applied a coat of clear polish and using a toothpick, picked up copper square glitter and placd randomly on the tips on my nails ~ let dry.
♦ applied another coat of clear polish, and sprinkled on small copper glitter. When dry - I brushed off any loose glitter. This is important because your clear polish / top coat may be tainted with glitter if you pick any up with the clear polish / top coat and that totally sucks.
♦ Added a thick coat of China Glaze Fast forward to glitter area - let dry.
♦ Applied 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat over entire nail.

While there is a million new glitter collections available- I love the look of these mirror like copper square glitters that I kindly got from my mom. Next time I am going to add the squares as a last step, before my final coat of clear polish, they are very, very reflective. I got alot of really neat glitter form my mom that I have not seen in the stores, so I have a tonne of cool nail art ideas for the future. The possibilities are endless with this type of nail art.

~ All the products I used ~

 ~ Sponges For Sponging ~

 ~ Cut a Little Piece of Sponge ~

 ~ Just a drop will do I added this color to the tips of my nails for a little less contrast~
~ onto a piece of tin foil = easy clean up~

 ~ This is waaaaaay more then is needed for all 5 nail-tips ~

~ Sponge away ~

 ~ Add a clear coat of polish to adhere glitter pieces to nails~

  ~ dip the end of a tooth pick in H20 and pick up glitters ~
~ or lick it & pick up...... whatever....~

~ Placed large glitter randomly on nail, extending past 'sponged' area ~

~ Square copper glitter before the tiny copper glitter is sprinkled on ~

~ These reflective copper squares are really blingy = The smaller glitter's hid them too much I think ~

~ Apply a coat of clear polish over square glitter, sprinkled on smaller glitter ~

~ Before clear top coat ~

~ I applied china Glaze fast Forward over the glittered-up portion only, waited for it to set, then applied 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat ~


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Paige said...

Great tutorial! I really want to try this!