Friday, March 30, 2012

whispy stripe polish....

I love stripe polish's. This mani is simple curved whispy stripes. I started with a base of Billie Cosmetics nude creme, then swiped on L.A. Color Art Deco Hot Pink, then L.A. Color Art Deco Metallic Pink. No Top coat in these photos...... I planned on adding some more pink glitter and gems, but left it as is - I thought it was perfect.......

This colour on it's own

stuff I used Billie Cosmetic's Nude Creme, L.A. Colors Hot Pink and Metallic Pink


Thursday, March 29, 2012

grafitti sponge nails - super easy to do

Sponge nail art is one of my go to nail art looks - It's so easy just drop a few drops of nail polish onto  a piece of tin foil, then dip a  small area of the sponge into the polish then onto your nail..... I made this video a year ago;

Below is a video using a few different types of sponges.....

 I have used all sorts of sponges, from regular kitchen sponges to pieces of foam paint brushes from the dollar store ( that's how I did this one ). This is super-duper easy, 2 coats of top coat will smoothe out any texture created from the sponge.

Today and last weekend I tried to do the acetone water-colour nails and cannot acheive what everyone else has = sponge nail art always works out for me.

For today's nails I started with a base of Wet n Wild White Creme, which is a white creme. There is a few bare spots but I planned on covering most of this up anyway.................

I used all three of these polish's I found at the DollarRama. They are on the sheer side but they are a pretty decent polish for $1.25.

The lightest colour........ a pinky mauve

the middle colour is a washed out pink

and finally the last polish - a greyed out purple

 stuff I used; Wet n Wild White Creme, Sweet Serenity mini polish and a mini Color Club Top Coat

I can't stop wanting to use this polish over EVERYTHING =  Love My Nails Dazzling I added a coat of this over my top coat. This is multicoloured micro-glitter in a clear base. It is .99 cets and can be found in some Walmarts in the USA.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chevron Nails

Nail tip guides are awesome to have around. This was easy to do and I think it looks really cool! I have tried to do scotch tape mani's and I suck at them, so I will stick to free-hand stuff or use french tip guides.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Complete Salon in Madame X - this is a very bright hot pink creme leaning towards orange. I couldn't take 1 non-fuzzy photo of it, as my camera doesn't like these types of bright pinks.

I used chevron french tip guides that I purchased in a nail art set from The Dollar Rama ( Canada ) and used Sally Hansen Complete Salon polish in Trouble Maker - a very pretty medium purple creme. I picked up both of these polish's on the bargain rack at Walmart for $1.00 = SCORE!!!!!

I am resisting the urge to trace over all the line with a fine silver glitter stripe nail art polish......

3 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Madame X

Kiss nail tip guides.... HERE is the set I found these in 

  I applied the nail tip guides to my nails........

Then added 2 coats of Sally Hansen CSM Trouble Maker

 when the polish was 'sorta' dry I peeled off the nail tip guides, then added a coat of TC. I definitely will need 2 coats of top coat for this mani. I find that whenever I use nail tip guides there is always lumpy, bumpy ridges. I usually add a glitter stripe polish to these lines.

 ..... and my clean-up brush SNAPPED IN HALF MID-USE!!!!It flew half-way across the room! lol

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rain Dwops

here is an easy mani using a dotting tool, if you dont have a dotting tool, you can use many different items, a bobby pin or a dressmakers pin stuck to a pencil eraser works decently. If you are in the market for some dotting tool, Born Pretty has a nice set of multi-sized dotting tools.

( pardon moi cuticles......I am trying to keep my camera non-greasy lol )
This photo is without Top Coat..... I think the texture of the circles looks really cool w/o TC

stuff I used; Sally Hansen Salon Dorien Grey, Xtreme Wear Blue It, Blue Me Away, Marine Scene

I found this lovely SHS polish at Walmart for $7.97......................

Just Kidding! I found it on the bargain rack for $1.00

While there is definitly some beautiful colours in the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure collection - but there is no friggen way I would pay more than 3 bucks at full price for these. Thats why I paired this polish up with the the Sally Hansen polish you should purchase - X-treme Wear. When I was adding dots to this manicure The X-treme Wear polish was drying before the Fancy $$$ SH Salon polish did! I did an experiment covering a full nail with the SH Salon polish and the Xtreme Wear and the X-treme Wear polish STILL dried faster.

I used a dressmakers pin stuck intot the end of a pencil eraser for the large blue dots

I used my regular dotting tool to add various sized dots of Sally Hansen Blue Me Away

 Then I added Marine Scene, being sure to overlap some of these dots because this polish is sheer and will add a bit of depth especially over Sally Hansen Blue it

I really Really like this, I saw something simialr on Pinterest ( DON'T go there ) and had to copy ASAP

indoor flo

Glorious Sunshine