Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Spong'in with Sinful Colors Happy Ending, Mint Apple and Fly Away

3 times in the last month I forgot to take photos of the base polish I was using...... 3 times! Today's mani is more of a graffiti look then a well blended sponge look. I made sure to not cover up the base of Sinful Colors Happy Ending. I sponged on Sinful Colors Fly Away and Mint Apple. I added a coat of Love my Nails Dazzling for some subtle sparkle and finished it off with a coat of TC.

These colours together kinda remind me of earth day.... 

I cut up sponges into tiny squares, add a drop of polish onto a piece of tin foil and sponge away.
Stuff I used; Sinful Colors Happy Ending, Fly Away and Mint Apple

I am holding Sinful Colors Mint Apple - such a pretty polish


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fly away, cream pink unicorn!

The last few multi polish nail looks I have done, have names that somehow..... go together? Like the combination of words are silly and funny to me. Anyhoo - this is a neat look for crackle polish. I have seen this on several blogs and it my favorite crackle 'look'. I sponged on Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Unicorn and Fly Away. I applied a thin coat of clear polish then quickly applied the Ardene Crackle polish then I added another coat of clear. No TC in these photos.

stuff i used - Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Fly Away, Unicorn Ardene Black Crackle

 I applied the crackle nail polish differently on my ring nail

 Sinful Colors Unicorn. Does anyone else think of a white/silver sparkly polish when they think of the polish name Unicorn? That's what I envision for a polish named Unicorn. If I ever make a white/silver franken polish I will definitely name it Unicron - no - not UNICORN = it will be UNICRON; Cron, C.R.O.N!!!!!!!!1

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Blogs & Cheetah Print nails

 But first New Blogs!

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Polish on my Mind

 I seem to lean towards the zebra look when it comes to animal print nails..... So I thought I would try a cheetah print today.

the base for this look is Sinful Colors Innocent

oh love my nails Dazzling....... I'll never get enough if you

I dropped a few drops of Sinful Colors San Fransisco onto a piece of tin foil and used an old crappy paint brush that I snipped some bristles out of to make a small thin nail art brush. The polish's I used were Sinful Colors Innocent for the base, and San Fransisco and Happy Ending for the cheetah print. I topped the cheetah print with a coat of Love My Nails Dazzling and a coat of Top Coat

on the left is my nail after drawing the random cheetah spots with Sinful Colors San Fransisco - and on the right I filled them in with Sinful Colors Happy Ending

on the top nail is after 1 coat of LMN Dazzling, while the bottom nail is just the cheetah print

 I wasn't so sure I could live with this for the day - but it is actually pretty cool

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zebra with Hanna Pinktana & Plug Yourself Sunday

When I first saw the promotional pics for Hanna PinkTana and Blue Wants to be a  Millionaire I thought = WHY? Why would they even bother with a sheer pink & blue micro holo glitter - but these two polish's have moved up into my top 25 because they look good over everything!!!!!! They are prefect for disguising a crappy polish application, blending out harsh lines in nail art without completly disguising the base polish colours and can add a lovley holographic glitter effect to a boring day old manicure.

Todays mani is 3 thin coats of Nail Fetish Babe, a lovely lilac creme. I added the zebra stripes with LA Colors stripe polish in Wild Fuschia, and less than 5 minutes later a coat of Wet n Wild Hanna Pinktana then TC.

The brushes on the newer Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishs are stiff! like, STIFF, stiff, if you are layering them over another polish or nail art be careful. I always wait a few minutes in between coats for all my polishing.

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Wet n Wild Hanna Pinktana

 stuff i used; Nail Fetish Babe, LA Colors Wild Fuschia and WnW Hanna Pinktana

3 thin coats of Nail Fetish Babe -  the brush was stiff on this polish and the formula was more runny then the modern polish's that I am used to. This is an old skool polish I found recently. A Pretty lilac colour and dried fast on my artificial nails.

after LA Colors Wild Fuschia stripe polish

The WnW holo glitter blends out some of the harsher lines of my zebra stripes, plus it looks coooooool!

I only added 1 coat of TC for these photos - but due to the texture from the stripe polish & glitter I definitly will need 2. Hanna Pinktana was not as gritty as i imagined it would be.

Friday, September 23, 2011

LA Colors Sparkling Diamonds

 2 coats of WnW Black with 2 coat of LA Colors Sparkling Diamonds w/ Matte TC

 Wet n Wild Black creme is a one-coater for me, but I used 2 today. I added 2 coats of LA Colors Sparkling Diamonds; carefully fishing out some of the larger hex glitter. It dried fast and leveled out surprisingly well considering I blobbed it on in some areas. I added a coat of TC to finish off this look.

The photo above is 1 coat of Claire's Matte Top Coat.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sinful Colors Savage with Love my Nails Dazzling

Todays mani is 3 thin coats of Sinful Colors Savage with 2 coats of Love my nails Dazzling. Sinful Colors Savage dried very fast, it required only 2 coats but I did three anyway. Also; it dries matte which was a surprise. It is a beautiful lighter teal shade that leans towards the blue side. Love my nails Dazzling is a multi-coloured micro glitter that dries gritty - but smoothed out with a coat of TC.

Here is Love my Nails Dazzling over black - which I will be wearing shortly - its soooooooo pretty!

My photos do no showcase the pretty blue and green micro-glitter in Dazzling; but they are very apparent in the bottle. This will definitly be used next time I do 'space nails' becuase the glitter reminds me of stars......

below; with TC

Sinful Colors Savage dries matte - and it dries fast!!!!

with TC


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

blueberry blast off nail art with Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue

This is supposed to be a dupe for China Glaze Frostbite ( HERE is Dollface 22772 swatch comparison )  ChG Frostbite has been on my list for a few years - I have seen it in stores and have picked it up and put it down many times but never bought it becuase i thought it would be 'just another blue polish'. All the photos, including these ones, that I have seen do not do it justice. It is a fabulous shade of blue and whether you get it from Wet n Wild or China Glaze it is a must have. If you love blue polish you need this colour.

 My Mani today was 3 coats of Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue, with LA Colors stripe polish in Dark Blue and Blue glitter stripe polish along with a few nail gems in dark blue. I added TC after the nail art stripes then set the nail gems in the wet top coat... they hung on over night and throughout the day - even though I did quite a bit of crafty things only 1 fell off!

Stuff I used; WnW Saved by the Blue, LA Colors Dark Blue Stripe polish & LA Colors Blue Glitter

3 thin coats of Saved by the Blue

metallic Dark Blue stripe polish

Blue Glitter - peeeeeuuuuuuuu this was stinky.......


Monday, September 19, 2011

NEW BLOGS & Party Nails

 Sinful Colors Fly Away with 2 coats of Wet n Wild Party of Five glitter with Matte top coat

but first; new blogs, thanks everyone!

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Polished Paws

The base polish of todays mani is 2 coats of Sinful Colors Fly Away.

 I was shocked at how sparse the glitter came off the brush,  I fished out the glitter and blobbed it onto my nails. Miraculously there were very few bubbles.

L- 1 coat normal application, R - polish blobbed onto my nails

 This also did not dry as gritty as I imagined it would

Sunday, September 18, 2011

LA Colors Treasure Island with Ardene Aruba Wave

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The base polish is from a new collection at Ardene Stores in Canada called Aruba Wave - 3 coats. One day I will round up all of my teal polish's and do a comparison...... I added 2 coats of LA Colors Treasure Island and a coat of TC.

The formula on the 2 new Ardene Polish's is good, the pigmentation is on par with most other brands and the colour selection is pretty vast. I think that they released 20 or more colours in the fall collection. At 2 for 6 bucks its an all around good choice.

I didn't know this was the same nail polish as the stripe polish until I applied it to my nails! I love the teal glitter stripe polish from la colors and have used it for full manicures by dipping a clean nail polish brush into the stripe polish...... the teal glitter and the grass green glitter work well together IMO and  I was delighted to find that there is an actual polish of the same glitter!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!

LA Colors treasure Island and LA Colors Art Deco Strip polish Teal Glitter
LA Colors treasure Island is LA Colors Art Deco Strip polish Teal Glitter
Finkle is Einhorn

This is 3 coats of Ardene Aruba Wave with 1 coat of TC

These polish's at Ardene Stores are 2 for $6 bucks.... Aruba Wave & Black Crackle

..... and a few more photos


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Love my Nails Pretty in Pink

 Here is a girly Mani. The base is a light pink pastel franken called Faith that I made a few months ago, followed by a coat of Wet n Wild Sparked that I added more pink loose glitter to. I fished out the large holographic hexagons from the Love my Nails Polish and placed them on my nails, then followed that with a coat of the actual love my nails polish to smoothe it out before Top Coat.

 stuff i used; franken, WNW Sparked, Love my Nails Pretty in Pink

these hex glitters need to be fished out and placed on the nail....