Sunday, November 8, 2009

♥ Blue Franken & Nailene Nail Stickers - T.O.T.W. ♥

These metal blob looking stickers are very cool. They are extremely shiny and are the cutest butterfly & flower designs. I though that they would fade into my Franken Polish 'Marrianna's Trench, but think they do a great job complimenting this color. I did not 'press' them down all the way, as it was very humid when I did this pedi, and worried I might add some finger prints to my polish job - but they held on thru a longer-than-average shower and are still on!

For this pedi, I started with 2 coats of my newer Franken 'Marrianna's Trench' a subtle shimmery-deep blue, then applied 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat, waited for it to be dry to the touch then carefully applied these nail stickers. I used a pair of slanted tweezers and a pointy orangwood stick to place them where I want them. As long as you nails are free of oil and other stuff, these stickers will hang on until it is time for a polish change.

I have included photos of all the nails stickers in this set # 71026 and all my photos are indoors. I did not do a superb job with removing any nail polish mistakes as I am avoiding acetone on my toe-nail cuticles. I have also added a photo of this franken polish without top coat and must add that I photo-edited my shoe where some weird colors were appearing in the photos.... I noticed it and it was driving me nutz, so I fixed it up....

~ Indoors Fluorescent LIghitng ~

~ Indoors Flash ~

~ Indoors Fluorescent LIghitng ~

~ Indoors Flash ~

~ Indoors Flash ~

~ Indoors Fluorescent LIghitng ~

~ YES this does mean that I am walking around with two different types of toe-nails, on my left I have my Nailene So Natural glitter french & on the right my new franken and nail stickers.... I am doing a little experiment on the longevity of these products.

UPDATE... Oh my dear goodness..... how did I miss that?

On my LEFT I have the dark blue Franken 'Marrianna's Trench' with Nailene nail stickers 

and on the RIGHT I have the Nailene So Natural Glitter French

I am not erasing or correcting my origional paragraph up there..... That  is funny.....  If anyone every wondered why I usually label my nails in UPPER case letters - that's why, so I am sure to properly label them.... how embarrassing... but funny too♥ I hope if anyone notices these things they -tenderly-  point it out to me.


G. said...

Oooh, I love how the decals paired with the dark blue give you a riveted denim effect! So neat! :)

Lucy said...

I love the polish and the decals are really cute. Very pretty pedicure.