Sunday, November 8, 2009

♥ Skittles & Claires goodies ♥

Another quickie skittles,

THUMB - China Glaze 'Shower Together' 2 coats
INDEX - Billie 'Electric Yellow' - 5 coats
MIDDLE - Billie Electric Yellow - 2 coats of white & 4 coats of 'Electric Yellow'
RING - Claire's 'Jen Jen' 2 coats & 2 coats of T.C.
PINKY - Claire's 'Flame' 2 coats & 2 coats of T.C.

I was waiting for this Billie ' Electric Yellow' at my favorite bargain store. This is a Highlighter yellow polish with a bluish flash, it is very translucent and needs a coat or two of a stark white to really bring out the brightness of this polish. On its own (index) it is a very nice color, but is leaning towards a chartreuse without being layered over the white.

The Claire's polish are very pretty. I am actually a little put off of paying $5.00 for Claire's polish, because the formula is not my favorite.and picked these up for $1.00 CAD each. Although they do have beautiful colors, I always pass on them and look for something more dependable formula wise.. These too, would look amazing over a coat of a stark white polish, or even an opaque polish in their respective shades. They dried fast, which was great, and they are holo-ish glitter, but needed 2 thick coats of T.C. to make the granular feeling of the glitter disappear. I didn't think I would like the green one, but wearing it for a while has converted me.

Of course - I picked up one with out a label, 'Jen Jen', but found it on another bloggers site who also stopped by Claire's for their 10 for $10.00 sale. I also picked up a 20 gram jar of 'body shimmer' in a bronze/ copper color which will come in handy for frankens, as well as some necklaces and a bracelet. I always need chains for the new jewelry pieces I make for myself, and find it's actually way, waaaay less expensive to pick up a few at these Claire's sales then to buy them as 'just a chain' at a craft store.

~ Indoors Fluorescent lighting ~

~ Below Claire's 'Flame' 2 coats

~ Above & Below - Jen Jen 2 coats & 2 coats of T.C.

~ Some other goodies I gotz...... Cotton Candy lip gloss, necklaces, a bracelet Lady Bug body jewelery ~
~ & a 20g's container of a pretty copper-colors shimmer powder for frankens! 10 for $10 @ Claire's. ~



Anonymous said...

XD I just picked up a BUNCH of the CLaires polish as well, at my local store :)

Another blogger had mentioned the 10 for 10 sale, but I couldn't find them dT im pretty glad I snagged them at this small mall.

Jealous you go the pigment though~
I was hoping to find some on sale, but no luck, maybe next time XD

Lucy said...

I love these polishes. The glitter is really pretty. I like the finish on them.