Saturday, November 7, 2009

♥ Review ~ Nailene Natural Nails #71050 ♥

 So normally I would have a photo hiding bubbles/glue issues with stickers as my lead photo- But bubbles/glue issues do happen! Even to someone like me who has used false toenails with alot of regularly over the years. Thats why included in this nail kit are some cute glitter and gem stickers.These Nailene Natural Nails #71050, are a lovely sheer french with subtle opalescent glitter. They have 3 different 'Big-Toe' sizes and 9 other toe sizes. The largest of the large toe size is generously wide. These can easily be shaped to fit all your toe nail sizes.

I found these Nailene Natural nails to be a bit to flat for my toenails, hence the bubblez/glue issues = however stickers/ nail gems will fix that up. They are very pretty and easy to shape to fit your nail bed, the nail file you get with all Nailene Nail Kits, as well as Revlon and Fing'rs are great nail files! So when you shape these acrylic nails to fit your nail bed, I will definitely recommend a ratio of two swipes with the nail file, and then checking for accuracy before continuing. By no means am I complaining= I love these little nail files, they make short work of shaping and sizing artificial nails. 

All my photos are indoors, I included and extra trippy photo at the end of this post..... It looks like it could be 3D, I don't think I have ever captured a photograph like this I am certain I was totally still during my modeling.... hmmmm.

 ~ Package ~


~ Look at how wide these are Yippee!!!!! ~

For some perspective, I used the 2nd widest size, and had to file it a bit on each side {gentle filing} with the nail file that are included in this kit.

 ~ My 'Bubblez" were all in the middle of my toe-nail bed, thankfully. ~



~ Another 'stripper shoe' photo ~

~ Trippy photo - I was totally still so I don't know how this happened ~

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Paige said...

Ooo! I love the decals that you use, it is very pretty!