Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey Guys, Check out my Fa...........

.......errrr, umm.... Fanny means WHAT in British, South African, Australian, New Zealand, and Irish slang? Oh dear. 

Around these parts, where I live in central Canada, Fanny means 'Bum-cheeks'. Well, that's what it means to me and everyone I know. Hopefully I won't get kicked off blogger for writing Fanny for the next little while, because these $1.00 CAD polish's from the dollar store are really, really pretty, and I plan on wearing and posting on them for the next little while.

I have absolutely no idea what colour description to give mani today, I don't have any other polish's similar to this colour - anywhere near this colour, actually.

I found these pretty polish's for $1.00 each at a dollar store in Wpg. Canada. The shimmers all require 3 coats, they dried super shiny and all the brushes I got were perfect - no wonky bristles! I suspect that the green above and deep dark blue on the end below will stain my nails - they are intense colours....... the glitters also have surprisingly decent glitter coverage.

Like most Dollar store nail polish's, none of these have real names..... so I gave them my best description. Has anyone else spotted any of these polish's out there?

gorgeous green, dark shimmery grey, light blue, aqua, and dark blue shimmer

 teal, grass green and hot pink glitter

...... there is the slightest aroma of bad chemicals in these polish's, any familiar names listed here that can be found on the polish ingredient 'no-no' list?

Also what's with the '12 month' label, I have polish's that are 15+ years old......

 @ the dollar store.....