Saturday, January 30, 2010

♥ Nat Robbins Nail Polish Goodies ♥

Woo Hoo - Bargain store goodies - These are apparently some long discontinued nail polish that may be coming to a discount store near you. Nat Robbins is a brand I had seen on eBay, like 2 yrs ago. I do not recall this brand in Canada at any time, Was it in the USA? I love this square bottle and found that these do not smell bad, and dry fast for a bargain brand. I found these polish at a local bargain store for $1.50 each. 

EDIT; I found these at "A Buck or Two" at the town Center in Brandon Manitoba. These types of dollar stores like "A buck or Two"  = are franchised stores and so they will purchase like 100,000 of a specific item and split them up between all their franchise-eees to send a case of whatever the item is to each store .  I saw these in a ' wants to swap list' from someone from British Columbia on Make-up Alley; and I am sure that they have "A buck or Two" dollar stores there as  well.  Do they have these types of store in Ontario? anyone know?

They must have just gotten a shipment in becuase there was like 40 of this pretty "Midnight Hour" Polish in the bin. I do not have Naturistic's "Crystal Blue Pearl" to compare this to, but form all the photos I have seen it's pretty close. Why is there so few polish's like this out there on the market?   I had found the Milani glitters released in fall-time, and the Claire's holiday LE jelly glitters way too overpriced for the quality and volume ( for the Claire's jelly-ish-glitters it was $ 18.50 CAD - Thats ridiculous!!!! )

The blue polish "Midnight Hour" is very, very, very close to Naturistic's Crystal Blue Pearl. It is a jellyish polish with the tinyest bits of silver. I think it needs 3 to 4 coats to look it's best. The green "Greed" is a lovely vibrant green with alot of shimmer. The brownish color "phantom" has a neat pinkish shimmer. Really un-expected in a chocolaty brown polish. On my Thumb & Pinky is Sally Hansen Insta Dri in "Teal Takeoff" I had to give this another try - I was really heavy handed and got some serious bubbles with this polish!

All three of these Nat Robbin's polish's were incredibly shiny on their own, but I added a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong  to speed up drying time. I just finished putting on the T.C. and the sun went down! But- I got some outdoor photos finally - it is ridiculously cold out. Does anyone else remember seeing these polish's in the store before they were discontinued? apparently they had a whole line of cosmetics.


Outdoors 3 coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat


@ 2 coats no T.C.  = pre clean-up

BOTTLE SHOTS indoors under florescent lighting 



Nat Robbins #111 Phantom


Nat Robbins #134 Midnight Hour 


Nat Robbins #136 Greed


3 coats outdoors with T.C.


3 coats outdoors with T.C.


@1 coat


@ 2 coats - pre clean-up = no  T.C. 


@ 3 coats with Top Coat 


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

♥ Franken "Teal #002" with "Teal #003"

 I'm cheating on you Nail Blogs..... with decorating & craft blogs! I am delighted to say that there are alot of decorating and crafty blogs out there that I have found! SO I have been spending alot of my internet time  perusing these blogs....... But I do have a nice post of these awesome teal frankens I made... no outdoor photos though, it is ridiculously cold outside.

Here is the darker of the three newest Teal Frankens I made. I had hoped that the pink/blurple shimmer would disappear when mixing up these frankens, but it actually looks pretty cool to me now. Without top coat, these frankens have a nice satin finish- but I think a top coat helps to bring out that pretty shimmer in the darker franken #002. I have already posted my franken #003 previously HERE,

My camera was having a hard time focusing, so a few of these photos are not as macro-ish as they should be. I want to take moment to write how much I love my camera and am thankful I have it. It takes great photos and has been a great source of fun and enjoyment for me. I ♥ U Camera.

 NO T.C.

With T.C.

 NO t.c.

  With T.C.

With T.C.

With T.C.

 NO T.C.

 With T.C.

 1st Coat

 3 coats ( RING finger 2 coats )

With T.C.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

♥ Franken "Shamrock Shake" ♥

So I figured out what 'Frazzle' was... and these photo's got it!

The formula for this Franken 'Shamrock Shake' was Billie 'Blue' Billie 'Lime' and some White and Black. Honestly I don't remember the ratio. All I know is that I wanted to have a color like this, so I worked really slow. I have found I 'wreck' ALOT of franken polish by adding too much of one color. So if you decide to fix-up some of your nail polish or make a new franken polish - GO SLOW!!!!! and start with the lighteset color you are mixing with.

Currently I do not own anything like this polish, { WHY? dang it's pretty.... } and am working on finding an everyday object to compare it to. My Clinique lipstick is helping.....I think that the Clinique packaging color would be a lovely nail polish.... What nail polish out there is similar to this Clinique color?

In my photos below this is 2 coats of "Shamrock Shake"; various photos have 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. All my photos are indoors under fluroescent lighting.







- Bottle shot = Franken 'Shamrock Shake'

- What i used -









Saturday, January 23, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen Insta Dri 'Teal Take-Off' ♥

 Sally Hansen Insta Dri " Teal Takeoff" 2 coats

 ♥ Sorry I don't have a fabulous mani for this evening = instead I am posting a mani from last week ♥

Well... the formula on this is magnificent, it is a richly pigmented color and dries super duper fast. The color is beautiful & I will definitely be wearing it again soon. I purposely wore it without a top coat for 2 days, and then applied another coat and added t.c. for photos. The brush and brush stem and handle.... sigh...... I want to practice using this type of brush & stuff, just in case I wake up in some alternate dimension where ALL nail polish is like this,= short stumpy handles, a huge rectangle brush stem, and a wide brush.

Though I must add there are alot of positives with the Insta Dri's; the formula, dry time and colors selection are fabulous. So I am not giving up. I imagined painting my toes with this would be difficult, but it wasn't that bad. My toes look fabulous even after 6 days with no T.C. As with all things = Practice makes perfect.

Anyhoo - here is Sally Hansen Teal Take-off, 2 coats with 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong T.C. Before I took this off I did a layering of Sally Hansen 'Lavender Envy' on my Pinky's, and got a nice sunshine photo of it..... You can see at the tips of most of my nails there is alot of bare spots & streaking. This was my first attempt with the Inst Dri's, And I only bought this becuase it was half price = of course.... ( reg $5.99 CAD on sale for $2.99 CAD ).

 Sunshine - woo-hoo On my pinky is 2 coats of S.H. 'Lavender Envy'

@1 coat


@ 2 coats


2 coats with T.C.