Saturday, November 21, 2009

♥ Nailene 'So Natural - chip proof' nails♥

 These are the new Nailene 'Chip Proof' nails which will be available in stores early in the new year. I am grateful that Nailene sent me a box for review and so far I am very impressed. I had bubbles on each nail= but thankfully they were in the exact same spot on each nail - I am avoiding adding stickers or rhinestones to these, I truly want to do a fair review.  But the temptation to add some bling or cute flower stickers is driving me NUTZ.... so I might add some soon.

If you read my blog, I have written many times that I am not gentle with my nails, if I am not parked here in front of my computer reading, typing, or looking at blogs, then I am usually doing some crafty project; digging through containers in my craft room or fixing something. I will say ~ that  a fair amount of time for a pre-painted false nail manicure to last from a kit , without extreme chips and wear and tear is 5 days for someone like me...

How long do you think a pre-painted acrylic nail kit from the store should last you? Have you purchased and used any pre-painted false nail kits recently - if you did, how long was it before you felt that it did not look it's best anymore?

I truly am curious! So don't be shy and please comment. For me, after 5 days I am ready for a change, even if it just adding some subtle glitter to an existing mani, or stickers or whatever.

But I am interested to really see how these nails will hold up to my rigorous testing.... (which is really my daily life) So far so good..... but I will be posting a few more photos with results and commentary about these new Nailene Nails....

I was super patient with my application, but I did end up using too much glue. So around my cuticle area, there is some glue residue which I will get to with a fine, fine, FINE, buffing block and nail file as that can easily be buffed out to a high shine.

So far this is 3 days of wear and the only issues I have is a tiny black mark on the tip of my MIDDLE nail, and a small chip on the middle of my thumb- I think this is actually from where the acrylic was broken off from the mold or machine or whatever. I have done dishes twice, along with my regular everyday tidy-ing up, been in the shower, and I usually end up washing my hands a multitude of times everyday. We will see how they fare on Sunday - my hardcore cleaning day.....

Some unique properties of these nails;

The crosshatching for the french tip; that's pretty high-tech and it looks really good. In the two photos below, the cross-hatching is easy to see.

The pink nail glue reduced the visibility of the bubbles under these nails. Thankfully they are all in the exact same spot on each nail, I plan on adding nail stickers soon.

They are a good length and do feel comfortable. As always these Nailene nails were wide enough for my nails and come in 12 sizes, 12 realistic sizes! The largest thumb nail is huge - It's so nice to see that there is actually large thumb nails more readily available ( I know i keep writing that ♥)

For my amount of activities in the last 3 days, they are certainly keeping their shine. They still look good.

The orange-wood stick... is plastic - Finally! While I don't use orange wood sticks often, it's nice to see that they are moving away from using wood and turning to plastic. Of course with Nailene & Fing'rs false nail products you get a great nail file that makes shaping false nails a breeze. As always take time when shaping false nails, keep checking the dimensions of the false nail or you may file too much!

~ All my photos are indoors under fluorescent lighting ~











Paige said...

What lovely press-ons!

Mary said...

Those looks so pretty! I'll be interested to hear how they continue to hold up.

Lucy said...

Those are some pretty nails. I would never know that they weren't real.

jaljen said...

You have such lovely nails and do such great manis that I don't know how you can bear your nails to look like this - so plain. I had a friend who got nasty, nasty infections with false nails so I would never do it.

I beg you (I know you are doing this trial as a service to people who want this kind of thing) but I BEG you to go back soon to doing gorgeous, funky nails!!!

Wing said...

they look so good for press on's. Let us know how the hold up.