Thursday, November 26, 2009

♥ EMO Skittles ♥

~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~

I have had this in my 'to post' file for a while ~ here is an 'EMO' skittles I did just for fun. I have seen a few people haul maybelline at D.T. in the states but have not seen these 2 ~ City Slick & Industrial Grey swatched... I did a Mani with 'City Slick' in summertime HERE, and have used 'Industrial Grey' for my T.O.T.D. I picked up the Street Wear polish in 'Gun Metal Chrome' at a thrift store as well as the 'Industrial Grey'. All my skittles are 2 coats, except my THUMB ~ Billie 'Black Glitter' which was 3. All my nails have 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

 ~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Street Wear - 'Gun Metal Chrome'  { PINKY }

Sally Hansen - 'Raven' { RING }

Maybelline - 'City Slick' { MIDDLE }

Maybelline - 'Industrial Grey { RING }

Billie - 'Black Glitter' { THUMB }

~ Outdoors Shade with Flash ~

 ~ Outdoors Shade no Flash ~

~ Outdoors Shade with Flash ~

~ Outdoors Shade no Flash ~

~ Weird Sunshine Pic ~

~ Shade with Flash ~


jaljen said...

Those Maybelline greys look good. Especially Industrial. I must get more Maybelline. Good-looking post. A way to make grey and black more interesting. Thank you.

Lucy said...

How fantastic that you have a Revlon StreetWear polish. I loved that brand of polish. My favorite was Toad a wonderful olive green. I love the skittle manicure. Black and grey look gorgeous together.