Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cheetah nails & My Beauty Spot Green Grass Glitter

Cheetah nails, so easy, so fast. This is 3 coats of My Beauty Spot  Green Apple Vivid Metallic, with Revlon scented Beach and Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black. I added a coat of Old Skool Maybelline Lemon Twist Top Coat.

I plan on staying away form Dark greens, I need bright cheeful colours on my nails! I wanna stay on the bright side.

  easy cheetah nails

This pen is older but it still works well, I expected it to be dried out but its fine.

Below is what I had originally had planned for the day, but needed something with more pizazz lol/

This is a bright shimmery green polish I got from my MOM. 3 coats no Top Coat. Someone else has swatched a bunch of these HERE. I am not sure these have names but someone else says this is called Green Apple Vivid Metallic.

I found this grass like glitter at Micheal's Craft Store. I used clear school glue over this glitter, then Top Coat. I didnt plan on such a heavy coating of glitter. Next time I will try to apply it sparsely.

I sprinkled the glitter on then gently pressed it down with a fluffy brush

I used a white school glue base for this glitter and it peeled off easily when I was ready to remove it. I used a coat of Wn'W black, then plain white glue to adhere the glitter. When it was dry I applied a coat of CLEAR school glue then a coat of Top Coat.

Until I was ready to take it off it stayed on just fine. I hate the idea of trying to remove glitter nail polish  with the GENTLE  nail polish remover I am currently using so I am going to use this method again in the future and will post results..... I almost got it off in one piece!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2 fun green looks

Putting these hexagon glitter on my ring nails did not take as long as I thought it would. For my ring nails I added a coat of clear polish over a dark green polish and used big hexagon glitters that I found at Walmart.  on the rest of my nails I used the hexagon glitters to make a 4 leaf clover shape.  I added a thick coat of TC to my ring nails, and clear to the rest of my nails.

I tried every way imaginable to take a photo of these nails, but the lights kept reflecting of the glitter and I could not take a decent photo.

2 coats of Icing Manic Monday with hexagon Glitters from walmart

Whenever I try and do a mixed nail art I never really love it. I like uniformity and I am OK with 1 accent nail. It looks so good on everybody else in all the photos I see = but when I try it I don't think it turns out that great.

For this Mani I used Klean Color military green, a no name gold and then a gold glitter polish from my MOM, along with some nail art pieces and ballz.

 On my ring nail is the green, then I painted a coat of the gold glitter &sprinkled on some medium sized hex glitters for a glitter gradient my ring nail is a full on cavalcade of gold glitter. My thumb and middle nail I used some nail art pieces and some little gold balls and my index nail is a gold/green gradient.

Again when I tried to take photos of this one the camera kept catching the gold hearts and messed up the photos. I have to do a mani like this again but with some girly colours in the future,

 I have had these gold hearts forever and am trying to make good use of them


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wet n' Wild Do Pass Go w/ Wn'W stripes

I didn't use any nail guides or tape for this. I used a sheer white stripe polish to outline where I wanted the other colors to go and slapped on 2 complimentary Wet n Wild green polish's, then added some gold/glitter polish.

 I didn't take any photos of Wet n Wild Wild Shine Do Not Pass Go on its own~ this is a bright cheerful green that was opaque in 2 coats. The brush itself is fine but I do not love those brush caps - I was hoping they would pop off  but they don't.

( before adding glitter )

This polish is a really, really beautiful green. 2 coats to opacity! I'm not loving the weird bottle caps on them though..... When I took it off it stained my fingers for 2 days -right now I am trying to use gentle nail polish remover and staying away from acetone (I had green thumbs and index fingers for 2 days).

I used a sheer striping polish to outline where I wanted my stripes to be, then went over the 2 areas with Wet n Wild Everybody Hates Chris and Wet n Wild Sagreena the Teenage Witch.

Sagreena The Teenage Witch, Do Not pass Go,  Everybody Hates Chris

I kinda like how the gold lines are raised, I used LA Colors Gold stripe polish and Gold Glitter polish

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kozmic Colours greens.......

This mani is 2 coats of a no-name Kozmic Colours creme polish. This is a bright chartreuse green. I used a striping brust to add complimentary green colors in a criss-cross pattern to hide some un-expected bubbles. I used N.Y.C's matte topcoat.

As far as I know, Kozmic Colours are found at the Dollarama in Canada. So far all the polish's I have worn have been great. I would compare them to Klean Color polish's = they kinda smell the same.

this picture is staying small = bubbles

stuff I used


Saturday, March 5, 2016

another salvaged mani with crackle

I added a thin coat of black crackle over a nail fail - then a coat of a sheer shimmery polish. The bright green base was taking way too long to dry, and needed way more coats then I had the patience to apply. I think this turned out really nice. Normally when nail art isn't' working out I just sponge on glitter to my nail tips and call it a day.The next time a mani doesn't work out I will be reaching for a crackle and a sheer cover instead.

usually I research my own blog to see when was the last time I wore a polish, how it applied etc, below is a photo with 5 coats (my mani today is 2) I totally forgot that his was sooooo sheer and needs a million coats ( and dried slow, too )

this is an older photo 5 COATS!!! hope I remember that next time I think of wearing this

stuff i used  Avon electric green, Adene crackle and old skool Maybelline lime spritzer

thin coat diagonally across nails

2 coats & I quit 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Zig Zags....with Sinful Colors

This was 2 coats of Sinful Colors Innocent, and 2 coats of Sinful Colors Happy Ending. The Zig-Zag nail guides are from Mash VAGA~ they were easy to work with and didn't leave any sticky residue.  Also, I have never worn Sinful Colors Happy Ending as a Full Mani before --  What? how?

When I use Salon Pro top coat at least 1 nail  gets crazy bubbles. I like that top coat but it makes removal a serious chore.

2 coats of Sinful Colors Innocent

I slapped a thick coat of Salon Pro Top coat over these lumpy bumps and it smoothed it right out

I used VAGA nail guides

stuff I used - Sinful Colors Innocent and Happy Ending



Thursday, March 3, 2016

Crackle Layering with N.Y.C. polish's

2 coats of NYC High Line Green, I totally trashed this before I had a chance to do the nail art I wanted so Crackle nail polish to the rescue. I added a coat of a sheer green polish over top of the white crackle. I was never a huge fan of crackle nail polish & think I only have 3 different colors......

The outcome of layering a sheer polish was a pleasant surprise and I am kind of embarrassed that I never thought to layer sheer polish over a crackle before - It looks pretty cool!

smears, bubbles and dents this mani was f'd - but it was easy to fix with crackle nail polish
 I have a better photo of this somewhere......

 stuff I used;  N.Y.C High Line Green, Bonita white crackle and N.Y.C. Luxury lime Creme

Bonita white crackle

 with/without N.Y.C. Luxury Lime Creme ( it is NOT creme lol )

On half my thumb, I did a thin coat, the other half was a thick coat

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Easy Dotted Mani

This is a quick and easy mani --- the base is Claire's Matte green, with a bunch of other Claire's polish's I am too lazy to name.  There is so many things around the house that can be used as dotting tools. All 10 of my nails, including this fast drying Matte green base took less than 10 minutes.

                Stuff I used......names? hello?

weird shadow pic

Is there a latex barrier in stores? I am hoping something shows up in Canada soon, but for now this stuff is great! I found this in the Hair section of Sally beauty -- it dried fast on my cuticles and was easy to peel off . I am never going to do a sponged mani or any other messy nail art without it. I am not allowed to order stuff online right now so this will have to do. There was several different sized bottles of this stuff but I grabbed the big one, just in case. ( it was $6 CAD) I

I found out about this stuff from someone on Instagram, or maybe YouTube. I'll try and do a mini tutorial in the future, but here is Youtube link of someone using it. I poured some into an empty nail polish bottle.