Hi there! I thought it would be a good idea to make a Frequently Asked Question page for my blog. So here a few questions I get asked often

Q 1. I am Prince ( insert name ) from  ( insert country ) my family has lots of money and I need to get it safely out of ( insert country ) Please send YOUR  PERSONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION to me and I will send you a check for 80 million dollars.... blah, blah, blah.

A ~ I made a humongous mistake by not typing my email like this

deez10nailz ( at ) gee-mail ( dot ) com

  ... instead of the way it is typed on my blog. I get 60 to 80 'spam' emails like this in every 30 day increment since I started my blog. I never open them and I never even look in my spam folder. EVER! I will not change it now, becuase once your email is out there, you will never, ever stop getting these types of emails. So do not type out your email is full, do it the way I did above

Q 2. Why did you start your blog? ( family )

A ~ For purely self-serving and diabolical reasons. There were already many awesome nail polish blogs out there when I got started..... but I wanted more, and hoped other people would be inspired to be creative and to try new things...... and I knew there were alot of people in the world who had great ideas and great artistic talent to share, just like me. I have kept my blog simple, and basic, and hope that no matter what your into - you could start your own blog, too. About any subject matter you like. I am a huge fan of sharing pertinent information.

This has been a fun wholesome experience for me, I hope to keep it this way, and make time to post as much as I can♥

I am delighted to spend hours on my computer looking at fabulous nail art, creative ideas, and beautiful swatches of the newest polish's, old skool polish's and hauls, from dusty salons or Walmart, or from anywhere else. It is so neat to see the things people come up with using just nail polish, some of the art and designs are amazing and I am thankful for all the ideas I have seen from people all over the world.

I love the make-up blogs as well as the sewing blogs, the decorating and crafty blogs i have found recently. Painting my nails, posting and reading blogs eats up almost all my free time ( thats a good thing♥ )

Q 3. Ummmm, don't you have spell check? (  from anonymous )

A ~ Yes I do! But I am often writing my posts and adding photos very quickly and in a short amount of time. I really, really want to contribute my ideas, and my *technique*,  my frugal ways and my photos to people who want and need them. I do sometimes overlook a few miss-spelled words and sentence fragments. As long as my message gets across, right?!

Q 4. C'mon give up some of those long beautiful trophy wife nails, as you call them. I have never seen those in my town/country/planet. Where did you find them? ( various people - not in those exact words )

A ~ No Way! Those used to be my #1 nails for years. When Nailene used to have much longer nails then what is being sold in stores now. I think more people prefer the shorter sport length nails, though. Many moons ago, when Nailene packaging was Green they used to have this longer length, and I would purchase those. When they changed their packaging to the current purple, I found a few 24 count baggies at a discount store and snapped up a bunch of those, too. The pink Fing'rs package (below) I had found in my town last summer, and I bought ALOT. You can purchase these on several discount cosmetic sites and on eBay as well. I would take a look at discount stores in your region, you never know you might find some, too.

These are called Natural Curve Career Length Nails by Fing'rs

When I went to Sally's Beauty Supply in the big city, I did notice that they did not have FULL COVER ARTIFICIAL  nails in this longer length.... Just artificial tips. I am not sure why.I have looked around on eBay for FULL COVER NAILS without that little ridge underneath in different colors. Since it is Halloween as I write this, there is going to be alot of Full Cover nails in black available in stores ( so stock up if possible! )

I have been using these for quite a while now, Nailene 200 count  Active Square full cover nails

 I am always doing some type of crafty things and like the shorter length of these. The Trophy wife nails are for special occasions, it seems I only wear them when a special event is going on my life.

I find that if I use a gentle polish remover, I can paint and remove polish up to 7 times...... depending on the polish. ( no tin foil method for glitter, though.)

Q 5. Where are all your T.O.T.D. and T.O.T.W. photos? You have very nice feet. ( anon )

A~ Thanks - I love my feet too! I have been mindful and attentive to my toe-nails and feet for much longer than most people.  I find that I take great photos of my fingernails and hands, and my toe-nail polish photos just are not up to par. So I don't post them often, although I do paint my toenails and take photos.... possibly for the future?

Q 6. Where can I find french tip guides? Your talented cant you do it free hand?

A ~ NO I wish... I do practice free hand lines and diagonal mani's sometimes, but I hate having a wavy, crooked line, these are in-expensive and easy to use.  French tip guides can be found in abundance at department stores, grocery stores and pharmacies. There are many different brands readily available. Right now, Sally Hansen, Nailene, Kiss,  and possibly Broadway nails come to mind. However they are usually the same style as the middle and right ones below..

Check out my photo below. These are the main styles of french tip guides available in stores.

On the right is a perfect nail guide for Ruffian Manicure -  from the Nailene Tips & Toes line
The middle just a straight french tip guide, perfect for diagonal manis ( i love diagonal manis! )
Lastly this is the most commen french tip guide. I will be doing a post dedicated solely to french tip guide looks ( soon )

If I am applying the french tip guide over a painted nail , I always apply Top Coat and am sure it is dry before I stick the french tip guide on.

If you really need a french tip guide, but don't have any on hand, try blue or green painters tape. I have been somewhat successful with mailing labels, but if it is too humid outside, or I wait to long to take them off - they leave a major gooey residue.

Q 7. How many top coats have you 'contaminated' this year? 

A ~ 3! 3 bottles on Nailene Acrylic Strong top coats!!!!! So now, before I apply top coat over a franken or an intensely shimmery polish I apply a thin coat of CLEAR polish. Yes, it is an extra and somewhat unnecessary step- but I don't want to be wearing a CREME polish that has streaks of shimmer in it.... although this does sometimes look very cool. This way, the CLEAR polish may pick up shimmery particles, not my TOP COAT

 I wasn't always sold on TOP COAT, but I did go away for a few weeks and my mani was shiny, with very little surface scratches or dulling. Nailene Acrylic Strong is also very easily available at dept. stores and pharmacies in my town. The bottle has a frosty matte finish, which is great for flash photos.

 I have used the RED Sally Hansen Top Coat ( name ). The bottle sealed up and would not open... which is what Top Coat is supposed to do  = dry really friggen fast! but it was a bottle lost. I also really, really liked China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat... but when I began using it indoors it was soooooo stinky, I had to stop using it. It was great for covering thick lumpy glitters and it came in a frosted bottle. It became thicker the more i used it, and was almost unusable for regular manis, but great  for those heavy glitter mani's .I wish that ChG Fast Forward came in little mini bottles..... for when I do heavy glitter manicures♥ = one day!  And the OPI top coat, which was alright, but didn't seem to dry as fast as ChG Fast Forward or Nailene. I also found that the OPI was pricey, compared to the other brands mentioned.

 I am not a fan of BASE COAT, and have found becuase I wear artificial nails the majority of the time I don't need it. I NEVER have had problems with shrinkage, and unless I am doing some major cleaning around the house or other crafty things I find that with Acrylic Strong Top Coat I do not get much tip wear, either.

Q 8. Thats it? Only 8 questions?
A~ No there is waaaaay more FAQ's I will get to, and other info I hope to add to this area soon