Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some peppy pink nail art (pic heavy)

I still like the sponge technique, but I am getting better with managing this technique....I think it is on the lumpy side, much more lumpy-er than regular sponging bet less messy and more managable. I  achieved this look the same way as my previous mani ( with video!!!!1) but concentrated on the tips of my nails.... 

I started with 2 coats of Billie Purple Rain, and followed that with 3 coats of the WnW Lavender Creme which is a hot pink creme. I added 2 coats of Pure Ice Rio over the pink area, then added a coat of Nailene Tc to finish this off.

With WnW Lavender Creme, applied with the brush, I removed as much polish as possible and pounced on the pink diagonally across the tips of my nails.

w 2/ coats of Pure Ice Rio, layered over the Lavender Creme

 with a coat of TC

Below - I havent worn this pretty pink polish as a full mani, even though I have had it for a long time. It is a very vibrant pink creme, though it is called 'Lavender' creme LOL. It was on the sheer side so this is 3 coats, (most hot bright pinks I have are sheer)

 WnW Lavender Creme

Above, I like how this turned out and will probably try this again soon. With the polish brush and a small amount of polish on the brush, I gently pounced on the surface of my nail over a base of Sally Hansen Chrome in Moonstone, using WnW Lavender Creme and SH Hot Magenta,followed by 2 coats of Maybelline Colorama in Cold as Ice and a coat of TC

stuff I used; SH Chrome Moonstone, WnW Lavender Creme, SH Hot Magenta, Colorama Cold as Ice

w/WnW Lavender Creme

w/ Sally Hansen Hot Magenta

w/ 2 coats of Maybelline Color-Rama in Cold as Ice & a coat of Nailene TC

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another 'pounced' mani with short video/slideshow

here is a variation on my previous post - I don't like this as much as my last one........

It isnt hard to put together a slide-show like this, this is my first one = = = there was alot to learn. I hope to make a few more slide-shows like this, it is fun and I love all the effects that you can add. I wanted to add some vid's in the new year so here I am♥

For this 'pounced' mani, I used 3 frankens I made with WnW Blue Sapphire. The two light blue creme's I made by adding white to varying amount of Sapphire Blue, the darkest one was my base colour, and the lighter colour I used to create this effect ......and a jelly made with clear and Sapphire Blue.

This is easy to do, the biggest obstacle is not having too much polish on the brush when you 'pounce' it on the nail. It is alot less messy than water marbling or sponging = less clean up and more control of what amount of colour goes where.

Modern Acid WasH = pouncing ♥

I am working on this 'technique'  above I brush off as much polish from the brush as possible and gently pounced on the nail bed with the polish brush. I tried to make a quick video but it did'nt work out. Instead of using the regular method of sponging, I tried this out. I have done another mani with this 'technique' and it turned out just as pretty as regular sponging. I am sure this isnt 'new' but I have'nt seen any mani's on the interwebz.....

I am calling this look modern acid wash,. But if anyone out there has a better name for a look like this ( besides marble or sponging, since I did neither ) please PLEASE write it in the comments.

POUNCING = with a small amount of polish on the brush, gently ponced the nail bed to deposit a small amount of colour, creating a modern acid wash look. It is a tad less messy than sponging, and ALOT less messy than water-marbling - but just as pretty.

I used all Wet n Wild colours. The base colour is Wet n Wild Bijou Blue, and I pounced on Wet N Wild Blue Moon and Wet n Wild Sapphire Blue. I added a coat of Tc when it was dry = and then added a coat of an older Maybelline polish Color-Rama Blazes of blue.

I'll mess around with my camera this evening ( promises promises.....) to try and make a vid of how I did this. it is sooooo easy and much prettier in real life.

 Stuff I used Base polish is WnW Bijou Blue, I added WnW Blue Moon, and Wet n Wild Sapphire Blue. When it was dry, I applied 1 coat of Nailene TC and then later decided to add a coat of Maybelline Color-Rama ( discontinued ) Blazes of Blue

I added a coat of Maybelline Color-Ram {discontinued} in Blazes of Blue. The effect is totally lost layered over this color combo and technique, but this is a sheer polish with sparse iridescent glitter pieces. It is very pretty layered over black or dark blue (I got photos of that.....somewhere )

peeeeeee-uuuuuuu this was a strong chemically polish! but very pretty

 Wet n Wild Bijou is a painfully sheer but pretty polish. Luckily it dries fast,other wise I wouldn't wear/model it. This is 4 coats and I could keep going, this may need 5 to 6 coats for full coverage. I have made 2 beautiful frankens with this previously. I have a POST HERE comparing this to two dupes.

yes! that is a huge polish crusty painted into my middle nail above LOL

Thursday, January 27, 2011

NYC New York Color Spam

Above - NYC New York Color - Canal Street

Here is a post I have been meaning to add for a while now - these NYC polish`s are all fabulous, they dry fast and all are pretty colours. There is only 1 or 2 that are too sheer for me. These can be found in most Department stores and are usually very in-expensive.

I may have 1 or 2 of these us-swatched - the entire collection is wearable and I loooooooove the formula on these - they dry so fast! Overall these NYC polish's are 3 coats, many needing just 2. 

 NYC New York Color - China Town

 NYC New York Color - Flat Iron Green

NYC New York Color - Manhattan

NYC New York Color -Chelsea

NYC New York Color -Downtown

NYC New York Color - MoMA

NYC New York Color - Park Avenue

NYC Long Wearing  - Empire State Blue

NYC Long Wearing - Love Letters

NYC New York Color - Mulberry Street

NYC New York Color - Prince Street
NYC New York Color - Spring Street

NYC Long Wearing - Taxi Yellow Creme

NYC New York Color -East Village (5 coats = booooooo)

L-R = Skin Tight Denim, Pier 17, Skin Tight denim, Pier 17

NYC Long wearing - Skin Tight Denim

NYC New York Color - West Village

NYC New York Color -Pier 17

NYC Long wearing - Big Money Frost

NYC Long Wearing - Luxury Lime Creme