Sunday, November 29, 2009

♥ Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics Skittles ♥

Another Skittles, These are all polish's that are still available in Canadian stores. I had walked by these sooooo many times and thought they were totally boring. But 'Coral Pink', 'Daiquiri' and 'Diva' were really, really surprising! I found all 5 of these polish at a pharmacy in my town~ they came in a set with a clear nail polish and were on sale ( OF COURSE! ) for $1.99 CAD { Post HERE }

On my THUMB is 2 coats of  'Blackberry' the polish I used for my 'Chainsaw Mani'. This is a beautiful deep red packed with shimmer.

  'Coral Pink'- on my RING nail, is a polish my mom had bought and worn....... I noticed how intense this color was .... WOW -  The indoor fluorescent photos of 'Coral Pink' are more realistic. It really does look plain and boring at the store. Something was throwing my camera off in the outdoor sunshine pic's and I am pretty sure it was the shimmery magenta colors, but just this on it's own also looked in the Sunshine ~.

IRL the 'Coral Pink' polish it is a cheerful notice-me-color that seemed so un-assuming on the shelf at the store. I am not sure why they chose the name ' Coral Pink', because this is a strait creme with subtle shimmer- coral. There is actually a few of these types of coral/orange Sally Hansen out there they look so demure in the bottle on the racks. I think they might have thrown some fluorescence in there because this one looks weird in the sunshine.....

My MIDDLE finger is Daiquiri - 2 coats, a ridiculous hot pink with lots and lots of shimmer. Beside it on my RING finger, is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in 'Hot Magenta', these polish's are just 1/16 of a shade off from each other. I think that it was these polish's that were messing with my camera, they are screaming bright!

My RING is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in 'Hot Magenta', ridiculously bright.

My PINKY nail is Sally Hansen 'Diva' sadly this was 4 coats, but next time I wear this I will be layering it over another polish..... it is a cool medium purple duo-chrome with a subtle light blue flash. I am certain that layering this polish will do it justice. { ...OOPS - I did layer it HERE }

 ~ Sunshine = ( remember my INDEX finger for later ) ~


jaljen said...

I adore your Skittles features. I'd love all these and it proves you don't have to pay for high-end polishes to look great.

Paige said...

Those colors are so pretty!!! said...

I really like Diva!