Wednesday, March 31, 2010

♥ Claire's ' ? ' from the LE collection ♥

 I was hoping to find someone else who came up with names for these 5 pretty polish's from the Icing LE 5 pack..... I have already modeled the beautiful coppery brown color HERE. and hope to model the pretty purple and magenta shades soon. So if anyone out there has 'real' names for these please let me know! I'm all tapped out for naming polish's♥

Here is 2 coats of  Icing '?' with a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. The formula on this was fabulous, and I was happy I only needed 2 coats. I love this color and have done comparison with China Glaze 'Shower Together'. I don't have alot of these dusty dark teals but they are definitely a unique, notice me color.

 Icing '?'  and China Glaze 'Shower Together

- a quickie comparison - I applied 2 coats of ChG 'Shower Together -

after I applied T.C. I absent-minded-ly rested my hand, nail side down, on my sweater- Doh!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Glitter comaprison

MIDDLE - Wn'W Kaleidoscope' INDEX - Claire's 'Hollywood'

OOPS!!! I meant to post this last week!
I don't have alot of glitter polish's, I kinda like to use loose glitters for my glittery mani's. But I have recently acquired these 2 silver glitter polish's  and wondered how they compared. I thought they would be similar but they are not.

There are two versions of Claire's Hollywood here is a bottle comparison pic below. They are both really really pretty, ( I don't have a comparison for these two yet......) Did anyone else pick up two same named Claire's polish's....I thought it was really strange


Today i am comparing these two below

The Wet n' Wild polish has alot less glitter then the Claire's polish and all glitter pieces are holographic, Wn'W also has square glitter, which i love. The Claire's glitter has fine silver glitter mixed in with the larger holographic glitter. I found that another Wn'W glitter I have 'Sparked' to have way  waaaaay more glitter pieces then this polish 'Kaleidoscope'.

Claire's Hollywood ( version 1 ) & Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope

left - 1 coat of Wn'W 'Kaleidoscope' - right 1 coat of Claire's 'Hollywood'

~ Below ~

INDEX- 2 coats of Claire's 'Hollywood'
MIDDLE- 2 coats of Wn'W 'Kaleidoscope'
RING- 1 coat of Claire's 'Hollywood'
PINKY- 1 coat of Wn'W 'Kaleidoscope'

@ 1 coat each

Indoor fluorescent @ 1 coat each

Monday, March 29, 2010

♥ Indulge - ' Desert Diva Blue' ♥

I love these -cutsie- Indulge polish's, the bottle is so small and cute! This brand 'Indulge' is available in Walmart Canada stores and this 3 pack is $ 2.67 -ish. Some of them have a great formula- others like the glass fleck trio's were not so great. I have found these at dollar stores in Ontario Canada for $1.00 as well... which is awesome. HERE is a page of my Indulge Polish collection.

This blue is from the 'Desert Diva' trio that I found recently. The formula on this one was awesome! I could have gotten away with 2 coats, but was a bit sloppy in my initial application and needed 3. I have been really fortunate with all the shimmery rich blue polish's I have come across recently - but NYC Skin Tight Denim is still my fave!

below - indoors shaded


This is my favirote pic! = = = WOW

These are available at Walmart Canada stores for $2.67, as soon as I am done with my pastel frankens I will post that awesome shimmery charcoal color. The fuchsia is a flor and is very sheer.

This is the only new trio that I have seen for the last 11 months... this brand 'Indulge' usually comes out with 4 new trios when they have a new line of cosmetics.

I don't enjoy visiting Walmart, but I will be stalking the cosmetics section in hopes that they release a few more of these trios

Sunday, March 28, 2010

♥ Franken - ' Frosty Caribbean ' ♥

Franken - 'Frosty Caribbean' 2 coats & 2 coats f Nailene Acrylic Strong T.C.

I did add some pretty simple nail art to this by applying a straight nail tip guide and using the Nailene skinny french tip pen in white, but I totally trashed it when making jewelery on Friday night, so all I have is some plain, but still lovely photos.  This color turned out lovely and when I made these Wet n' Wild franknes mid January, I planned on doing a funky french themed nail art week..... mid January, but it took two months to get around to it!

I mixed this with a pure white polish and got this beautiful light, bright robin's egg blue.

Indoor Fluorescent

Indoor Fluorescent

Thursday, March 25, 2010

♥ Claires Dream Catcher & Nailene 'Skinny' French tip pen ♥

Claire's Dream Catcher 3 coats & Nailene T.C with Nailene white french Tip Pen

It was really hard for me to get a great photo of the beautiful light green micro-shimmer in this polish. This is a really pretty polish color that came out around New Years (I think). It required 3 coats and the next time I wear it I will definitely layer it over another color.

For this mani, I applied 2 coats of 'Dream Catcher' and 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. I wore this plain for the day, then decided to dress it up with a white french tip pen. I applied the very curved nail stickers to the corner of my nails, and added 2 'coats' of the white french tip pen, on some nails I used 3 'coats' becuase I dropped my camera string onto my still wet nails (Dang!)

When the white was dry, i carefully removed the stickers and applied T.C. over the white area, extending a mm or two past the white tip area and applied T.C. tot he edge of my nails as well & let that dry, when everything is fully dry I applied a coat of T.C. over my entire nail.

- Stuff I used -

@ 3 coats of Claire's 'Dream Catcher' with 1 coat of Nailene T.C.

Apply curved French Tip Guides

@ 2 to 3 swiped of the Nailene 'Skinny' French tip pen in white
Remove Stickers apply T.C. to white tip area & face/edge of nail..... covering the ridge where the white tip meets the nail bed and extending a few mm past the ridge.

~ Viola ~

♥ SKITTLES - Sally Hansen & Pure Ice layering ♥

( oops I totally though I posted this along time ago! )

Just a quickie layering skittles. I picked up this beautiful Sally Hansen New Lengths 'Soft Satin' at  another bargain store in my town. This is sooooooo beautiful over black, I have this on my list for a future mani as soon as I can!!!!  I already did a full mani with Sally Hansen "Iris Opal", and Pure Ice 'Oh Baby' is a polish that I have used before as well HERE.  I know I have alot of dark purple polish's in my collection, but there is something soooo beautiful about these multi-chromes, duo-chromes and shimmery polish's over black that is absolutely mesmerizing. I used 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong top coat for each nail.


 'Iris Opal' over Black & Billie 'French Buff'

Sally Hansen 'Soft Satin' over Black & Billie 'French Buff'

 pinky & ring S.H. Soft Satin, Mid & Index 'Iris Opal', thumb Pure Ice 'Oh Baby'


♥ Midie # 374 ♥

 I like the subtle pink in this polish! This very in-expensive bargain polish looked sooooo pretty at just 1 coat, but my application skillz were lacking. The brush handle is a weird huge oval shape and I had tonnes of brush marks So I had to do two coats. Anyhoo, I love how industrial this polish looks, it is very shimmery, dimensional and sparkly, but has a hard edge as well.....

My INDEX finger is 3 coats of Midie #374 and the rest of my nails have 2 coats of Billie 'Black' with 2 coats of Midie #374 layered over top. The photos with a black background I am wearing a top coat.