Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sinful Colors Fly Away & See You Soon

 Today's mani is a lovely saran wrap technique using a base of Sinful Colors Fly Away with See You Soon. I cant believe I haven't paired up these colours together before! Its a fabulous combo..... then again, maybe I have already  -  I have seen KleanColor Bite Me on 4 different blogs today - coveted it savagely, looked it up on the KleanColor website - googled image'd it and realized I ALREADY OWNED AND WORE IT  - twice!

The brush on Fly Away was a little stiffer than  I remember, I used 3 coats which dried fast and super duper shiny.

 polishes  I used -  I have to get into the habit of photographing the names......

 Saran wrap leaves less texture than a sponge, but creates the same effect

Left Top Coat, Right no Top Coat

..... and a few more photos


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Intoxicating Peony

This was 2 coats of Billlie Cosmetics Purple Rain, followed by a coat pf the newish NYC matte Top coat. I used LA Colors Nail stripe polish in Wild Fuschia, added some LAColors Glitter and Wet n Wild Sparked Glitter ( from fantasy makers line from last Halloween) .



These peony's in my neighbors yard are so fragrant - they really are intoxicating - love that smell

2 coats of Billie Cosmetics Purple Rain and a coat of NYC Matte Top Coat

this is a pretty good matte top coat.

I drew flower petls using LA Colors Wild Fuschia

and added glitter

stuff I used

My thumb nail

...... and one more pic

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Will autopost work today?

.........we will see at 7:00 a.m. Central Time

 Todays nails are a copy inspired by Thriszha over at Fab Ur Nails - she posted this awesome sticks and stones mani...., a few weeks ago. I copied the polish part using nail art stipes polish & added a coat of TC. Love the black and white glitter she used!

I basically brushed on these four colours using nail art polish randomly over my nails. I will definitly try this look again in the future, with a glitter top coat.

stuff I used

whoops @ my middle nail ~ lol

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NYC Water Street and Green Line Chevron nails

 I have tied at least 5 different brands of french tip guides and most of them leave a sticky reside when the humidity is high.... so I know better than even to even try with the weathe we were having - but I had a need for a green/blue chevron. I started with 2 coats of N.Y.C. Green Line, applied the chevron nail tip guides then added 3 thin coats of N.Y.C. Water Street Blue, following the angles of the nail tip guide.

When I pulled off the tip guides there was an unbeleivable amount of sticky goo - it was extremely humid when I did this. Instead of adding top coat, I left my nails as is - hopeing that washing my hands and manually picking off the sticky goo would help.

The next mroning I slapped on a coat of Wet n Wild Hallucinate, strangly the ridges left by the nail tip guides did not bother me.

 I found these french nail tip guides at my favorite dollar store in my old town and picked them up mainly for the soft chevron pattern ( 1st on the left )

I was kinda bummed that there was only 15 of each pattern......

 But when I opened the package there was 2 separate sheets of the nail tip guides! Enough for 3 manis in each pattern ( if you have 10 nails lol...)

I used the pointy chevron nail tip guides for the mani

when I peeled off the guides there was TONNES of sticky residue, I washed my hand a million times and scraped off as much a s I could but it was cemented on my nails! I did not apply top coat and only added the Wet n Wild sparkly polish the next morning.....

 Here it is later in the day with NO top coat....

and with 1 coat of Wet n Wild Hallucinate

and a bonus pic of some pretty moss in my yard

and my franken Flim Flam a month later..... no colour bleeding, however removal of this polish was near impossible, I ened up removing my artificial nails intead of trying to use nail polish remover to get it off..... The colour effect of this glitter from The Dollar Tree is awesome, but I am probally going to wait untill its time to change my artifical nails to whip up any more Flourecent Dollar Tree glitter frankens

EDIT: I mixed up these Dollar Tree glitters with Billie Cosmetic's Clear ( which can also be found at some The Dollar Tree stores )


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Girly Diagional

 Whew - I was away longer than I wanted to be ~ I have many, many hours of blog reading to catch up on!

Todays nails are NYC Downtown, Manhatten and the new sparkle top coat called Big City Dazzle. The formula, application and the glitter ratio was perfect -a little grainey- and dried fast like all the In a New York Minute polish's I have.

At Walmart in canada ( the only place I can purchase NYC Nailpolish in my town right now ) the In a new York Minute polish's are $1.50 each, and the Long wearing Nail Enamel are $1.00, I love these polish's, most of them are careful 2 coaters and they are in-expensive!!!!!

Here is my OBLIGATORY N.Y.C. polish spam post, Next time I hit up Walmart I will try to pick up a few more colours that I dont have. Some of the newer pinks and reds caught my eye..............

Indoor flourescent

 stuff I used NYC Downtown, Manhatten and Big City Sparkle

2 coats of each polish here..... I LOVE HOW FAST THSES DRY!!!!!!

NYC In a Ney York Minute Downtown - 3 coats ( from a previous mani )

 here is 1 coat of NYC Downtown

 Downtown                                                                       Manhatten

 ..... and how I did this, I bought this tape at the office supply store for my jewelery making

.....and 1 more photo