Wednesday, November 11, 2009

E.L.F. @ Giant Tiger in Canada

~ E.L.F. Jewel Tone Trio ~

 I found these today for $3.97 CAD, at a store in my town, Giant Tiger, They had quite an assortment of 'sets' of E.L.F. products 5 different nail polish sets, glitter eyeliner trios, mascara, eyeshadow etc.. I had seen 'Dark Navy' swatched and thought it was really pretty- but is quite dark in indoor lighting. In my little swatch below - I did not use a top coat. The 'Royal Purple' is very, very nice. I do not have another color like this..... Why don't I have another color like this? The white frost I am not happy with it, I hate brush marks and with frosts they always show up. Why frost, the other two color polish's are beautiful opaque shimmers...... These three polish applied amazingly well, had a low odor, and dried in a decent amount of time. I did a quick swatch but only have a photo in indoor fluorescent lighting.... sorry. This was the last set of the 'Jewel Tone Trio'

I had hoped that these black caps would come off.. revealing a small round brush handle as I am quite a picky when it comes to brush handles. But they do not, that was a little disappointing. I wish that the 'Navy Blue' was a little brighter & lighter. I added at top coat ( not pictured) and it looks much better Also I snapped these photos immediately after coming home from shopping, it is freezing here and there is some condensation on the bottels... Hooray for Winter (  sarcasm  )

~ Dark Navy ~
~ Pearl ~
~ Royal Purple ~

~ A quickie swatch - 2 coats....last on the right is N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim (for reference. )
No top coat... sorry! Google E.L.F. Dark navy, there is some swatches of this floating around 

~ Bottle comparison N.Y.C. 'Skin Tight Denim' & E.L.F. 'Dark Navy'

~ What a pretty box they came in ~

~ Back of the box - ingredients? ~


Paige said...

Those are lovely colors!

Lucy said...

Nice shades. I've never used any ELF products. Are they any good?

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I'm still waiting for elf to come to my Zellers, very surprised to know they are at Giant Tiger too. Thanks for the info

Liss said...

I really like that N.Y.C colour, and the white, but then I used to white religiously as a teen, LOL.