Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pure Ice Over You

 Over you from Pure Ice is a dense glitter with 2 sizes of lilac glitter, 2 sizes of teal hex glitter and teal bar glitter.....Today's mani is 2 coats of Over You layered over Lacey Lilac and a coat of TC. I kinda wish there was less lilac glitter in this; it hides the beautiful teal glitter ( less glitter? wtf is wrong with me )

Pure Ice Over You applied perfectly, it's a very dense glitter that dried fast. I am excited to pick up a few of the other glitters from their collection that recently showed up in Canadian walmarts!

I spilled white nail polish all over my hands and parts of my desk, so those aren't dry cuticle you are looking at. Yesterdays mani left major stains on my fingers and cuticles as well - so tonight I am going to take extra care, slather on some serious moisturizer with cuticle oil and possibly some barrier creme for My poor hands.

this is from Pure Ice Saddle me up

 although - it could be from the no-name walmart nail polish remover I am using right now - they did not have the Sally Hansen nail polish remover for artificial nails that I usually buy when I went to the big city..... so I had to buy the walmart brand of remover.......

Here is a few more photos of this beauty -


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pure Ice Saddle Me Up

 I took a gazillion photos of this and could not get any pics that really captured the pretty colour of this polish. On the nail it looks exactly as it does in the bottle shot below ( after 4 coats ) I found this polish needed 4 coats, it dried super duper fast and is super duper pretty.


look @ all the snow we still have...................

Thursday, April 18, 2013

NYC Lexingtom Lilac, 5 dollar stamp plates and PURE ICE IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!

N.Y.C. has a whole bunch of new polish's out - this might be old news to everyone but I live in a small farm village, so getting to an actual store with a display that has these polish's and actually buying some is a big deal.  I was super-duper Happy to pick up these 2 pretty polish's, N.Y.C. Lexington Lilac and Wine Bar. Hopefully next time I make it to the big city I'll find the rest of the new shades that I don't already have.

This is 3 coats wit no TC in the photos.... This colour is a lovely dusty lilac shade..... maybe a little to pink to be called lilac. I love NYC nail polish's, the Long Wearing polish's  (S.T.D. # 1 blue 4-eva ) and In a New York Minute, they are so good and sooooooooooo inexpensive. At Walmart I believe these N.Y.C. Long Wearing polish's are $1.27 CAD and the N.Y.C. In A New York Minute have been 2 for $3.00 for more than 6 months.....

one in the sun................

Lexington Lilac and Wine Bar

I'm not really into stamping - even though I see other peoples work and love it....I am more of a fan of free-hand nail art. Anyhoo - I have had these for almost a month and this is the first time I have actually stamped! I found these at the As Seen on TV store in PoloPark Mall in WPG. for 5 bucks! - what ? 

I am not sure of the band or what-not - but they start with a 'B' and have numbers if that helps anyone....

some stamping i did..... I added a swipe of glitter before TC

 all the images i tried worked fine with WnW black, and some older chrome polish's.....
 I was delighted to visit the cosmetic section at Walmart and see this..... way back on April 1st I spotted a lovely lady loading up this Pure Ice display. I am sooooooo happy we have these in Canada now - there is some amazing colours and beautiful glitters in this display = = YIPPEE!!!!!!!

I had hoped to quickly grab my go-to nail polish remover and avoid temptation but - I did pick up three shades...... upon chatting with this nice sales associate she took me around the corner and showed me the new Hard Candy display - wow, is there some beautiful shades..... I stayed strong and stuck to my goal of $3 bucks or less per bottle as the Hard Candy polishes were 6 bucks each.... and these were $1.97 each!
 On the Pure Ice Facebook they are saying that Pure Ice is not available in Canada but here they are and there is more than enough shades and finishes in this collection to satisfy anybody.

The colours I picked up are Over You, Home Run, and Saddle me Up. Many of the names in this collection are comically risque.....

and just for fun an update on how i take indoor fluorescent photos in my photo studio lol

I taped 2 pieces of white paper to the wall and my desk and use my grocery store lamp.....

looks good, right? I usually only have to take 2 or 3 photos each and most of them turn out perfect.....