Saturday, November 7, 2009

♥ China Glaze - 'Watermelon Rind' ♥

~ 2 Coats - Sun/Shade No top Coat ~

Everything that could go wrong with painting my nails did when I used China Glaze 'Watermelon Rind'. After seeing on another blog China Glaze 'Grape Juice' Matteified so beautifully I thought that this would be prefect for me and my shorter nails. The initial application was fine, 2 coats like usual, the old 'Antique' Maybelline Matte-Maker, was also lovely, but I could not stop brushing up against things with my nails, or touching things with my nail bed...... When I did a clean u, as I did not use barrier cream on my cuticles like usual, there was so much shimmer and 'Glass-fleck' particles all over the place, it was totally pointless to try and remove it all.

I think I have forgotten how to paint my natural nails!

I wont bother to practice, because I will be wearing false nails as long as possible. I was a little distraught about all this, but decided to switch my mani to an older Nail Prisms instead. But I did want to post this, because it looks really, really cool. I never even thought of matte-ifing these...its almost shameful to do so because the glass fleck-ness of these polish's is stunning.

It's funny how the order of these photos is; at the top it's a pretty good paint job, then gets progressively messed up towards the end ( YES I am very hard on myself! )

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Paige said...

That is a beautiful color on you!