Saturday, November 7, 2009

♥ Frankens Blue N.Y.C. ♥

~ Above N.Y.C. eyeshadow Frankens ~
( in the shade )

 Good grief - I have just done a skittles mani of these NYC eye-shadow franken-polish's I made almost 3 months ago, WOW. I hope to get some photos done this afternoon. at this moment I am on a posting rampage, I have like 6 posts backed up.....I found this pretty blue eyeshadow at my favorite store in my town, the .99 cent store. Essentially I used an eyeshadow BRUSH to gently brush out the eyeshadow, by using a BRUSH instead of just crushing the eyeshadow, you will get a fine texture, instead of having chunks in your mix..... which I did have anyways = But nothing a little buffing couldn't fix. I made some funnels out of paper, inserted the funnels into the neck of the polish bottle and made sure they were secure. I very slowly added the eyeshadow in small increments to the 1/2 filled bottels of clear nail polish. I then added ballz and shook it up. Viola!

One thing I must mention = handling eye-shadow frankens takes some skill, it sets very fast, and is much, much thicker than regular nail polish. I actually really like the thickness of frankens, and have very few problems when polishing my nails with them. However, I have been polishing my nails for a long, long time.

Even more important, is that when you use a clear top coat over frankens, you may pick up the color, shimmer, or other tid-bits with your clear polish, contaminating your clear polish. So it would be a good idea to have a separate top coat fro frankens only, like I do.

~ Shade ~

 ~ The color I am wearing below is Franken - 'Olive Drab' ~

 ~ Shade ~

I had originally wanted to use this eyeshadow trio form Cover Girl, But decided it was totally ridiculous to buy a $7.00 eyeshadow and use it for frankens. i did like the shades of blue in it though,and while I am still on the fence about yellow polish, I suppose it may have been worth it. But I am glad that I stuck with my .99 cent N.Y.C. because I think all three colors are very nice and I will likely wear them all in the future.

~ Gentle brushing i the way to go - or use pigments, thats even less messier! ~
& don't forget to cover your work area with something.....

~ Wow - one of those tiny little eyeshadows had all that in it! ~

After I 'brushed' all the eyeshadow out of each pan, I put it in these cute little containers { which also have lids} so I could gradually add it to the cone things I made. I think that there was 1.2 grams of each color in this eyeshadow trio....


Allya said...

Hey you, I tagged you for the Kreative blogger award on my blog!

Paige said...

These are gorgeous!
BTW, I changed the url to my blog and something went wrong and it didn't change everywhere. If you aren't getting my posts (and your blogroll hasn't updated) change the url to :)

Unknown said...

Did you use the whole pan of color for one nail polish? It might be drying matte because of the amount of pigment in your base. If you add more clear it should add more shine, although it might dilute the color a little bit too.

Lucy said...

Fabulous blues! I love how you show step by step frankening. Thank you so much. I always have a reference point to check back to if I need this.

Tabula Rasa said...


Fellow Canadian here, wanting to know where you bought the little containers with lids? I know that Billie can be found in dollar stores, but am having a harder time tracking down NYC and Wet and Wild.