Thursday, October 1, 2009

♥ 'Tart - EVIL' ~ GOOD vs. EvIL Frankens ♥

 ~ 'Tart-EVIL' - {RING Finger is 'Tart-GOOD'} ~
~ 2 coats each & 2 coats of T.C. ~

I have soooo many polish unworn and un-swatched that this weekend I am really crack'n down and swatching as much as I can.Today I am wearing 'Tart-EVIL ', and Tart-GOOD on my Ring finger, 2 coats each and two coats of T.C. I totally ruined another bottle of Top Coat..... well, I did not ruin it, I should say that somehow some shimmer particles got picked up on the brush and infected a bottle of Top Coat - This is due to using top coat on my Frankens I whip up, and so I will have to be sure that I do not re-commit this offense... for the 5th time this year! DANG. I am reserving a bottle of TOP COAT for frankens only - which is what I should have done in the first place!!!!!

I did end up picking up the Nailene French Tip pen in White, which came with a free bottle of Acrylic Strong Top Coat. This French Tip Pen is stark white - They also have a french Tip pen which is a pearl-escent white. I will work on a post of that soon......I like holding the Nailene the polish bottle when I take flash photos becuase it reduces the glare from the flash. holding something with no shine to it, helps when taking photos.....

~ Outside in the shade no flash ~

I have a million photos of this polish. Sadly none of them are in the sun, as we are having some gloomy cold weather here in central CANADA - I am sooooo not looking forward to winter. And I will totally miss doing my nails outside. If you would like to read how I made these frankens, or more photos of my GOOD vs. EVIL Collection; check out this post....

As always, my photos are enlargeable. If it stays all gloomy and sad outside this weekend, I will be do'in alot of painting & posting - I am totally looking forward to it♥



~ Shade with Flash..... a little overexposed....~

~ Shade - No Flash ~


Paige said...

I hate when top coat gets infected! You could put some craft store glitter in it to salvage it.

Velvet said...

I like the names for these two polishes,you've created. And I do like both shades of green. I'm such a sucker for green.

Lucy said...

I really like these greens. Reminds me of sage. Vey pretty on you.