Saturday, October 24, 2009

♥ New Sally Hansen Baraigns ♥

Well... there not really new, I picked these up a few weeks ago, took the photos and just did not have the time to do a little write up and post about them.

So I picked up these pretty polish's at a wayward pharmacy in my town. Each COLOR came in a set with a CLEAR polish on sale for $1.99. I got doubles of several of these and have already given them away. When I went back to pick up more all the cool colors were gone and just a few buff & plain pinky colors were left......

- From left to right bottle shots & swatched  - 

Blackberry - 4601-11
Coral Pink - 4601-14
Daiquiri- 4601-16
Raven - 4601-17
Diva - 4601-33

The swatched are 2 coats & 1 coat so the clear Sally Hansen polish they came with.

~ Shade ~


Paige said...

Great color choices, I love these!

Anonymous said...

daiquri is my fav XD
I picked these guys up when they were on sale at rexall/pharma plus in toronto.
I'm actually hoping they have another sale soon, cause there ar ea few more colours I have started liking XD
such as your blackberry and raven :)