Saturday, October 24, 2009

♥ Sally Hansen 'Lavender Envy' Layering T.O.T.D. ♥

After 14 days of wearing Sally Hansen Extreme Wear 'Flirt', no dents or chips etc, & not wearing a  top coat = I was ready to take it off.  But first I wanted to see what S.H. 'Lavender Envy' would look like layered over S.H. 'Flirt'; which is very deep reddish purple with lovely shimmer. I think it ended up a very pretty color. Please ignore the polish pooling around my toe cuticles due to my application of 'Flirt', It was my very first time using the new Sally Hansen Extreme Wear polish. The base polish - 'Flirt' is very evident, I didn't put alot of love onto this layering pedi. 'Lavender Envy' is a shimmery duo-chrome with a gorgeous subtle green flash. I did this in the evening and therefore no outdoor photos to see this pretty shade in the sunshine.

The stickers are from Nailene 'Bedazzle Fashionista Nail Art #71042', and are hiding an unfortunate gouge from dropping my camera on my big toe.......

~ Indoors - Flash ~

~ Indoors Fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Indoors Fancy 'Natural' Lighting ~

~ below S.H. 'Flirt'
 Above~ base-coat & 2 coats of 'Flirt', 2 sloppy awkward coats. After the third day my application issues, mostly the pooling around my cuticles had me ready to take it off and do something different. I have been a busy girl with little time so I just decided to just leave it on. Despite that, this polish hung on for 14 days = NO TOP COAT, so there was some fading and loss of shine-but with no major chips, just some tip wear on my big toe from my running shoes. I'm impressed!

And Below~ after 2 coats of Sally Hansen 'Lavender Envy' The color is very pretty. I think lavender Envy is  a great layering polish, I have done a few swatches over different polish's and they all look great!

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Paige said...

I love that pedi with the decals, very cute!