Friday, October 30, 2009

♥ Toxic Glitter Slime ♥

After a day of black and white = I needed color. I kept with my dripping' stuff' theme and redid my toxic waste mani - except this time I added some Glitter! I used Sally Girl 'Way 2 Disco', I got it open without pliers this time. I think I did a better job on the last one though... with my 'drippy' stencils.... Just like the other 'drippy' manis I have done, but with glitter. I started with a coat of stark white and then:

Base Color- Billie 'Green Meadows' 2 coats
Glitter - Sally Girl 'Way to Disco'. 1 coat
~ apply 'drippy-stickers' that I cut out from mailing labels
2 thin coats of Sally Hansen Black
2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

Letting all coats dry in between.

Viola - The glitter adds alot of dimension to this mani, These photos are after a day of wear and some last minute Halloween decor. When i did an acetone clean-up, i marred my ring finger and tried to fill in the black that was missing..... too mush acetone = CUTICLE CRUELTY =  but I have found an even better barrier when avoiding getting polish on my nails, Avon Moisture Therapy intensive hand lotion. Also Avon has some really nice colors for polish right now, I rarely see any on modeled on the interwebz....... I would love to see some of the newer line swatched, especially the intense yellow and the pretty teal and hear about the formula. ( LINK )

 This stuff is sooo awesome, it is very very thick, so I use a tiny brush to brush it on my cuticles and around my nail bed before I polish. This reduces the amount of acetone I have to use when I tidy up any polish mistakes..... I imagine any 'barrier cream' would work well. I like this alot better than using Vaseline which was very runny and often got onto my nail bed. I am way to clumsy for that and so this works out better.

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Paige said...

I love this!!!

PrincessDiana said...

That is so cool! I love that green color

auroragyps said...

I really like this mani. The glittery green really rocks and the black actually looks all 3D, like it's really dripping down your nail. I'd love to see if it could be reversed, with the green dripping down black nails.

For "barrier creme", I use a waxy potted lip gloss, but I'll make a note of this Avon creme.

Happy Halloween!

Selina said...

Slimey goodness! Love it!

Lucy said...

I love each invention of your nails. Toxic Slime is amazing. I think you do the most wonderful nails. I love this look. I tried to do a version of this without the stencil. It looked like crap. I have to try your version.