Saturday, October 17, 2009

♥ Pure Ice 'Cheatin' & N.Y.C. ' Skin Tight Denim'♥

~ N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim = 2 coats
~ Pure Ice ' Cheatin' Gradient glitter mani ....sooooo several coats, I guess?
~ China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat - 1 impossibly thick coat

Pure Ice 'Cheatin' & N.Y.C. 'Skin Tight Denim' are two polish's that were meant to be together. N.Y.C. 'STD' is my new 'darling polish'. It is a beautiful deep richly pigmented blue, applies so well, 2 coats is more than enough and dries in a timely fashion. This polish retails for $1.50 to $3.00 Canadian, but I have rarely seen it stocked in stores here in my town. I purchased this bottle for $ .97 USD , along with the Pure Ice 'Cheatin' ( $2.00 USD) In N.D. on a bizznezz trip in the summertime.

For this mani I applied 2 coats of 'STD'; let it dry- then created a gradient mani by adding multiple coats of the glitter, with heavier application at the base of my nail, and less of the glitter towards the tip. I sort of 'blobbed' it on and spread it around, to get the bare spots "glitterfied" or " Glittah-fied" { TM ? }. I made sure to leave alot of space at the tips of my nails, because this Blue N.Y.C. polish needs to be shown off. I then used 1 coats of my super-thick-time-to-throw-it-away China Glaze 'Fast Forward' Top Coat. These two polish's look sooooooo beautiful together. I think that having only a portion of my nail 'glittered up' enhances the awesome power of the glitter polish. This was super easy to do - and I definitely will be doing it again soon with different glitters......

The falsies I am wearing today are an over the top long "Antique" Fing'rs false nail that I found at a bargain store in a lakeside town in my Provence..... Over the top? YES.... I loooove these false nails!

~ Full Evening Sun ~

~ Full Evening Sun ~

~ Full Evening Sun ~

~ Shade ~


Paige said...

That is so pretty!

Lucy said...

I don't think the false nails look over the top. I think there a nice length. That polish is fantastic! Love the blue and the glitter. Beautiful how you made it a gradient.

Zaz said...

That is stunning!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Skin Tight Denim is my favorite dark blue hue! This gradient glitter mani is so pretty. I think I have "Cheatin'" as well, so I should give it a try.

Thanks for sharing! :)