Sunday, October 25, 2009

♥ A Real Bloody Manicure ♥

~ "A Bloody Manicure" = various reds & a solid black polish ~

 Alright - my internet has been out all evening, I finished up this newest version of 'A Bloody Manicure' right after my last post.... I have included photos of the little 'sticker guides' I cut out; and step-by-step photos of this process....

So now the 'blood' is dripping from the tips of my nails... like it should. This is grossing me out immensely, but it looks really cool! I am happy with the brand of mailing labels I use for 'sticker-guides' when I do nail art like this. I think when I have enough ideas, I will draw them on the computer & then print them onto sticky paper or mailing label sheets, so that I can cut them out without having to draw them by hand.This brand very rarely leaves any residue behind.

 I have used different colors of red creme nail polish  for each of my nails. I think this nail art will look great with any color combo- and am working on my next one as I type this.

So here are the color I used.....
THUMB = Mavala  '70 Salerno'
INDEX = Billie 'Claret'
MIDDLE = Billie 'Chianti'
RING = Billie 'Bordeaux'
PINKY = Billie 'Zinfandel'

I picked up these "boozy' Billie nail polish's a while ago and have never worn them .. so skittle time!
All were two coats with the exception of my PINKY, 'Zinfandel', I totally thought that these 5 polish's were all cremes, but the 'Zinfandel' was a jelly'. After applying the polish, I used 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward, and waited for it to dry, I applied the 'sticker-guides' I cut out, and then painted on Sally Hansen 'Raven' 2 coats. when I was sure it was totally dry ( 15 min ) I carefully peeled off the 'sticker-guides' from the tip of my nails to the base -  then gently buffed out any raised areas. I made sure to wash off any dust or possible residue, then applied 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.

Cutting out this shape was a little tricky, I made sure to draw the 'Blood-dripping' in the shape I wanted it, and used a very small pair of manicure scissors. I purposely made the drips different on each nail, I think it looks more realistic. Like I had to fight off a werewolf..... well, depends on which werewolf.

I hope I gave good directions ~  your imagination is the limit when it comes to nail art... any art really. I am cook'in up some other neat art ideas and I am having tonnes of fun. Anyhoo- onto the photos ♥

~ I drew an outline of the 'dripping bloooooooooooooood, before cutting~

  ~ Sorry this is so fuzzy - I made sure that the little 'sticker-guides' would be large enough for each nail~

- be sure to press down all areas of the sticker to prevent your other color from seeping beneath it.~

~ After applying Sally Hansen 'Raven' - 2 thin coats ~

 ~ Thumb  = Mavala 'Salerno'

~ INDEX = Billie 'Claret'~

~ MIDDLE = Billie 'Chianti' ~

~ RING = Billie 'Bordeaux' ~

~ PINKY = Billie 'Zinfandel' ~

~ Shade - Flash ~

~ Shade - Flash ~

~ Shade ~

 ~ Shade - Flash ~

Top =  Sally Hansen 'Raven' a true deep black polish & ChG Fast Forward
L to R - Billie 'Zinfandel', 'Bordeaux', 'Chianti', 'Claret', Mavala 'Salerno'


ThRiSzHa said...

ohh so creative.. i love gonna do this on my nails..thanks for sharing this idea.. i never thought that u used a cut out sticker i just though its a striping polish hehehhhee...great job!!!

rijaH said...

Wow this is great! If we celebrated Halloween in my country i would definitely use this look :D So cool! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial.. These turned out great!

Paige said...

Oooo, I love this!!!! I think I like it better than your other version, this one looks like you got into a scuffle lol.

chocaddict said...

I really like that, it's so Halloween-appropriate ^^

styrch said...

That is really very cool! Awesome job!

Unknown said...

Great idea! This is very cool!!

Alice said...

Woooow! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

this looks great! :)

Nicole said...

Dee, this is SO freaking cool! I love it! I'm gonna try this out, I think I could actually do this one :) You did a great job!

Lucy said...

You make it look so easy. I love this manicure. Your so creative and inventive!

Mistress Zombie said...

what brand of postal stickers do you use?