Monday, October 26, 2009

♥ Toxic Waste Mani ♥

 ~ Toxic Waste Mani ~

Base = Billie 'French White'
Toxic waste base color = Billie 'Green Meadows'
Black Background = Sally Hansen 'Raven'

So; I did not end up adding glitter to this mani, yet. ~ I did this the exact same way as the other 'dripping' mani's below.  I started with a base of pure white, added two coats or this ridiculous bright green for the base color, and then affixed 'dripping' stickers to my nails, and then painted on two thick coats of Sally Hansen - 'Raven' I was heavy handed with the black polish , and you can see how my 'drips' are not uniform. I also took off the 'sticker's a little too soon. I buffed out any raised areas and then sealed it up with China Glaze Fast Forward.

When I did this mani, before I put the stickers on and added the black, I walked into a dark room and I could totally see the light reflecting off this Billie polish 'Green Meadows' (link ).....  This green layered over stark white its friggen bright! This has given me countless ideas for future nail art... simple nail art.

~ Fluorescent Lighting ~

 ~ Flash ~

~ Flash ~

~ Flash ~

~ Fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Flash ~
 ~ Fluorescent Lighting ~


Velvet said...

Hi, this is sooo cool looking.

Lucy said...

Toxic Waste is really cool! Also looks like the color of Frankenstine's face. Pretty amazing look.

Paige said...

That is stencil is so multi-useful; I love this!

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely LOVING This drip stencil idea! lol
hopefully I can make some time to try it out on my own XD

Enamored Enamel said...

love the green and black, I think I like it better than the blood

awesomevegan said...

YAY for slime!!! I love it!

Tuli said...

This is such a cool mani ! And I like the name you gave it :-)

Jodes said...

Wow, that is so fabulous!


Dee said...

Awesome, this mani reminds me of the old Goosebumps book series and TV show!

Anonymous said...

I really like these ones.. It reminds me of slime.. :) Awesome Halloween nails.

Revampy said...

Very unique and pretty. I really appreciate that you show your readers the techniques you use. like the stickers for this one. Thanks

Anonymous said...

i love these!

LipGlossGossip said...

I love this! It's so cute! :-)

Unknown said...

these are really beautifully designed on nails and it shows very attractive; adhesive sticker makes more shining . . good job of Toxic Waste Mani to create it amazing Waste Stickers

Angie | said...

these are really creative!