Friday, October 23, 2009

Maybelline 'Toasted Host' antique polish

 Here is one polish I think remember actually swatching on one nail in a store a long, long time ago. Maybelline 'Toasted Host'. I picked this up last week for $2.00 CAD at a discount store in my town. I had to post this because I was always hoping it would turn up at that discount store---- and it did! Eventually I will wear this as a mani.... at the moment I have 83 polish's waiting to be worn, while that is a good thing..... its also a little overwhelming.

- I am NOT complaining about my fortune of polish's -

( on my INDEX finger I fished out some pretty hexagon glitter form the LOve My Nail's polish in 'Pretty in Pink, this is a mani I wore a week ago... you can see the blog post HERE