Saturday, October 24, 2009

♥ Nailene French Manicure Set ♥

( This mani is from earlier this week, I had a marathon of editing and posting yesterday )

(what a  party animal I am - crazy blog'in on  Friday Evening! )

{ I followed the instructions properly this time...} I do love the look of french manicures, but on me I want them to look a little less realistic, to look a little more fun and jazzy. I think I feel this way because of many years of dong the "safe" french manicure & I am rebelling..... so I always have to add something to take it over the top. I think that this particular shade from the #66337 = is the wrong shade for me, outdoors I think the buff color is beautiful, but with indoor lighting ~ its a little too on the yellow side for my skin tone. It was hard to get great photos of the lovely subtle blue flash in the buff shade.

The 'French' manicure is always a pretty, timeless look, it's easy to do and looks nice on any length of nail, even little nubbin's. For this Manicure I did use the tip guides that came with this kit, I applied 2 coats of the white polish, let it dry, then removed the tip guides and applied 2 coats of the buff color. a  When everything was dry I did a quick clean up of any 'mistakes' ~ then applied 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

~Shade with Flash ~

 ~Shade with Flash ~

~ The Simpson's Setting {tm}on my camera in the Sunshine ~

~ Indoors fluorescent Lighting~

~ Indoors fluorescent Lighting~


Paige said...

Very pretty, I love a good french!

Jodes said...

Wow! You have done this French manicure beautifully. It is so precise.