Wednesday, October 7, 2009

♥ Sally Hansen Q & A ♥

So I keep trying to send this, on the Candian site as well as the American/world site and it will not work for me

Can anyone else on the interwebz get onto the Canada Sally Hansen site? Has anyone out there in blogland actually sent them an email, a letter even?Any hoo - I have these questions, maybe someone else out there can answer.

Also, X-mas is coming up and instead of blowing cash on polish, ( well blowing less cash on polish ) I think its a good idea to 'shop your stash' ( tm; Rural Glamour ) and wear older polish that has been in a shoebox under the bed collecting dust. Plus I lOve, love seeing other people's older polish's that I also had before I tossed them out... I get all nostalgic and weepy....


Dear Sally Hansen,

My name is D*******e and I have several questions, but first I must thank you for making a wonderful product. I love Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, New Lengths Ceramics, & Teflon Tuff polish's and I absolutely love your long discontinued Nail Prisms....

I have featured several of your polish's on my blog,

My first question is every time I try to get onto the Canadian Sally Hansen web-site it never works for me. Is the website under construction? I think I have installed every new fancy computer thing available, so I am not sure why it doesn't work for me.

Second is there any way I can find out about a long ago dis-continued product, a nail polish I absolutely love & used the whole bottle of?

Thirdly - because I cannot get onto the Canadian website - why are there Canadian exclusives? It is strange to me that this actually happens, it is usually Canada that doesn't get the full lineup of any specific product....

Fourth and Finally, How many polishes were in the Nail Prisms collection, and why were they discontinued? What was the origin of this collection and do you have any ad's that may have run in a magazine available? All the polish's in the Nail Prism's collection are magnificent, and were available at drug stores and department stores here in Canada - which was nice. They should all be in the core line... well most of them should be.

I do hope to hear back from you as I am planning on a post about the Nail Prisms collection, I often have blog posts about my favorite 'antique' nail polish and it is usually a Sally!

Thank you so much and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Anonymous said...

I didn't even KNOW we had a Canadian website for Sally :T
Seems quite stupid to have it, and not be able to access it though...
I do know that whenever I search I go to the American site, mainly cause companies tend to neglect their Canadian (of other country sites) that are not their primary (in this case being the US...I guess...)

ps I just checked my email, I don't see your email >_<

Enamored Enamel said...

hey there, I'm in canada too, and honestly I have emailed SH canada and US many times, never getting a response or even a notification that they recieved an email from me... I have given up on SH if I'm lucky and see something I like from that line I just buy it, no sense in lusting after the impossible for me... maybe sally should read this... but she doesnt seem to remember her email password

chocaddict said...

Hi Deez
I have tried to send them emails several times as well and never had any kind of response. Lately the european site has not even been accepting emails anymore... :(

Anonymous said...

lol forgot to answer your question.
IMATS travels around the world.
The IMATS I'm going to, is the one in Toronto, November 21-22.
This is the first time the IMATS are coming to Canada, though they used to hold the CMS (Canadian Makeup Show) instead :)

Unknown said...

thanks for the your stash, boo, you'll be surprised what you have!

I can tell you how many times I and others have emailed Sally Hansen and get no response. They are notorious for not getting back. I swear they don't have PR, either. *sigh* good luck on getting in touch!

Lucy said...

I've never even been on their site. I like what you said about shopping your stash. I would really love to see older polishes. I've only been buying polish heavily for a year or so. I haven't any idea what a lot of OPI's & China Glaze's look like. It would be nice to see.

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Someone on ebay is selling 12 Nail Prisms for $12, but then shipping to Canada is like $20, lol