Sunday, October 4, 2009

♥ Arissa - 'Amethyst' ♥

~ Arissa 'Amethyst' 2 coats and 2 coats of T.C. ~
~ RING = base of black polish, & 2 coats of Amethyst ~
~ In the Shade w/Flash  ~

Ahhhhhh; what a gorgeous $2.00 USD nail polish, I hope this company, Arissa, comes out with a few more of these beautiful glass-flecked polish. I found this at the Family Dollar store in Grand Forks, North Dakota U.S.A. in summertime.... I think it is very pretty♥

This is 2 coats of this "waaaaaaaay-prettier-than-China-Glaze-Grape-Juice" Arissa polish 'Amethyst', and 2 coats of China Glaze Fast Forward. On my ring finger, I have used a base of deep black polish the 2 coats of 'Amethyst', followed by two coats of top coat. These Arissa polish's dried in a timely fashion, don't smell bad, and the best part =are only 2 bucks at bargain stores in the U.S. They had some very nice colors in the collection, but I only picked up two; this one, 'Amethyst', and 'My Favorite Red'. (link). I totally regret not buying them all and I will definitely be on the hunt for these when I visit the U.S.A again for Bizznezz.


Paige said...

That is a really pretty color, and the bottle is so cute!

Lucy said...

I've never heard of this brand. It's a gorgeous purple. You nails look lovely. I can't believe how much prettier this is over the black.

nihrida said...

Beautiful color and your application is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this one from Arissa! Love your swatches!!

chocaddict said...

Gee I'm a sucker for purples so it's really no surprise I totally love that one...2$ you said, that's a bargain and and gorgeous colour

Nicole said...

Wow, that's really a STUNNING purple! I wish I saw these in my Dollar stores, I've never seen them in either Dollar General or Dollar Tree, but I keep looking and hoping. Haha!