Wednesday, September 30, 2009

♥ Airy Azure Franken - Good vs. Evil ♥

Here is a quick Diagional mani to showcase the Good and Evil 'Airy Azure' Franken Polish's I made recently. Just in case you are curious, Here are the full posts of the GOOD & EVIL franken Polsih's from the GOOD vs. EVIL collection. (LINKS). This was a quick sloppy job as I am eager to paint my nails with 'Tart - EVIL' ASAP♥

'Airy Azure - GOOD' Version

'Airy Azure -EVIL' Version

GOOD vs. EVIL Collection

~ Shade - Flash ~

~ Shade ~


Unknown said...

I love these colors together!

Kae said...

Your frankens are so pretty, and I love how you name them so creative!

Lucy said...

Love the design and the franken that you made. Looks fantastic on you.

nihrida said...

I love this evil VS good mani. I think I'll steal it some day. :)

rijaH said...

That looks so cool :D

my capcha was butimmun :/ wtf