Wednesday, September 30, 2009

♥ GOOD vs. EVIL Frankens♥

~ Airy Azure Franken, Tart Franken, Sparkling Mist Franken~

OKAY - I am not sure why these are not posting in proper order but here is the first Good vs. Evil Pair...........................

'Airy Azure' -GOOD
'Airy Azure' - EVIL

I seriously miss Dr. Franken Polish and Never too much glitter's posts about any sort of frankening. So on Friday night I whipped up, like, 20 Franken Polish's, Here is the first six= A collection I call " GOOD vs. EVIL " I have already swatched and will post two,- 'Airy Azure GOOD vs. EVIL' .... and hope to get these 'all blogged about' very very soon.

I started with 3 Loreal loose eye-shadows that I picked up in Grand Forks at the Dollar Tree, for $1.00 each USD, and 3 bottels of Sally Hansen CLEAR NAIL POLISH, and 3 bottels of BLACK Sally Hansen nail polish. = These were.99 cents at Superstore a month ago, but any clear/black polish will do. I knew I was doing a good Vs. Evil with these 'pigments' and so I needed to find 3 black and 3 clear. I was soooo excited to be making these, that I did not take before photos of the clear and black polish bottels.....hopefully this is not confusing to anyone♥

I was hoping to pick up Wet & Wild polish's, as they are available in the U.S. as well as Canada- However these Sally Hansen's worked out perfectly, The Wet n' Wild Black will be way too black for the small amount of pigments I wanted to use - and these Sally Hansen 'Black' was much more sheer than Wet n' Wild Black.♥ These Sally Hansen H.A.N.'s can often be found at PharmaSave and Rexall ( drug stores in Canada) for .99 cents Canadian.

So first, I emptied half of ALL six bottels into a secure receptacle for future use. I measured 1 gram of pigments for each bottle, which was roughly half the contents of these loose Loreal eye-shadows, and added it to each polish bottle. I made paper cones out of notepad paper, and slowly added the pigments to each bottle. I dropped in two BALLZ and then shook, shook, shook. There is a photo further down this post of the setteling that happens when you mix pigments/eyeshadow with nail polish.... not to worry, a good shaking is all it takes to fix that. And that, is that - ENJOY and stay tuned for the rest of my 20 or so frankens.....

~ Flash ~
~ Airy Azure Franken, Tart Franken, Sparkling Mist Franken~


MightyLambchop said...

These came out beautifully! I love the good vs. evil concept and you nailed it!

Tami said...

I agree with mighty they are gorgeous and I love the whole idea of good vs evil

Paige said...

Thees are gorgeous frankens! I love the concept!

Mhaellix said...

That's gorgeous! I've never done any frankens before and you inspired me!